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Electrical Appliances

Healthy Electric Equipment!

PureNature has put together a selection of allergy-suitable electric appliances that will make your everyday life easier. These devices are specifically tailored to the needs of people with allergies and environmental illnesses.

For allergy sufferers, a good room climate is important. The correct temperature and humidity is crucial. The latter can, for example, simply be regulated using a humidifier or dehumidifier.

Dust mites need only a short time to colonise floors. And even the death of these uninvited roommates does not mean the allergens have disappeared. They can still be found in rugs and furniture. A wooden floor that is easy to clean with a suitable vacuum cleaner gives the mites no chance.

Electric smog has become a common health issue for many people and is being taken very seriously. To start reducing the electromagnetic pollution, we recommend you begin in your home. Since the fields become increasingly weaker, the necessary safety distance can be easily identified with an electric smog detector. Just installing a demand switch in your bedroom can greatly reduce electric smog.

Low-Radiation telephones like the Orchid LR4610 or Swissvoice Avena are enjoying increasing popularity.