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Solid Wooden Beds

Solid wood beds - pollutant-free and radiation-neutral

A solid wood bed provides a pleasant climate in the bedroom. Our solid wood beds are made of natural wood and free of solvents and binders. A "solid bed" is also much more environmentally friendly to manufacture, since no adhesives, coatings, etc. are used. You are not only protecting the environment but also yourself. Solid wood beds are the optimal solution for people suffering from allergies. Solid wood beds for a healthy and peaceful sleep!

We make sure that our solid wood beds are manufactured in local workshops who use only wood from local, sustainably managed forests  A bed made ​​of solid wood is also radiation-neutral because it is free of metal.

This is also true for our beech wood bed which is also exclusively made from a local PEFC certified wood. PEFC stands for the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes  Due to the exclusive use of wood from this program, we can ensure the sustainability of the production of our solid wood beds and beechwood beds.