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Eau Good Duo: Water bottle with fruit insert & activated carbon

Innovative & environmentally friendly: Black & Blum Eau Good Duo is a water bottle with fruit insert for water with fruit and has activated carbon against chlorine.

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Product information
Environmentally friendly and enjoyable
Enjoy water, in the truest sense of the word. The Black & Blum Eau Good Duo bottle provides you with filtered drinking water or flavored water refined with fruits or herbs. The Tritan water bottle with activated carbon branch filters chlorine and other impurities from conventional tap water. If you want to make water with fruits yourself , take out the activated carbon and put fruit of your choice in the infusion bottle with filter for fruits. Wait a little, let the fruity taste unfold and enjoy.

Special features of the Black & Blum Eau Good Duo
  • For 700 ml pure water or infusion
  • Filter activated carbon to water with Binchotan
  • Infuser sieve as filter for fruits and herbs
  • dishwasher safe, suitable for sports
  • Safe against leakage, with carrying strap
  • From Tritan, BPA free, different colors
Quenching thirst - at home and on the go
With the Eau Good Duo bottle the Black & Blum designers have achieved a masterpiece. As Tritan sports bottle it combines several practical features. The unbreakable material is light and BPA free. The specially designed drinking cap enables fast, safe drinking and prevents leakage. The carrying strap protects the bottle against shocks and facilitates transport. When running, the water bottle with activated carbon lies securely in the hand. The activated carbon filter does not slip on the way, because it is fixed by the shape of the Tritan sports bottle. For cleaning, the water bottle with fruit insert can easily be unscrewed and is dishwasher-safe. How does the Black & Blum Eau Good Duo work?
Simply fill up at a tap, wait a few hours until the Binchotan activated carbon has absorbed chlorine and contamination. The natural activated carbon lasts about 6 months. Then simply replace it and continue to produce tasty water to drink from conventional tap water.

As water bottle with fruit insert the Eau Good Duo offers variety. Flavour the water with fresh herbs such as mint or basil or with aromatic, fresh fruits. Lemon slices, strawberries or apple pieces are ideal for watering with fruits yourself . Simply delicious to quench thirst and extremely inexpensive in contrast to purchased wellness water. Protecting the environment, made easy
The big plus: The 700 ml Eau Good Duo water bottle with fruit insert and supplied activated carbon filter helps you to protect the environment, because you no longer have to buy disposable bottles . Simply fill up again and again and take it with you to quench your thirst.

More clever innovations that make everyday life easier can be found in the Black & Blum Shop at PureNature.

capacity: 700 ml
included in delivery: Flasche, Infuser-Sieb, Aktivkohlefilter
width: 8 cm
height: 24 cm

Tritan (BPA-freier Kunststoff), silicone, Copolyester, Binchotan Aktivkohle aus Eichenholz
Property Value
free from ohne Aluminium, ohne Chrom, ohne Metall, ohne Nickel
properties bei Nickelallergie, bei Schwermetall Allergie, Spülmaschinenfest
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