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Fissler Vitacontrol Cooking Assistant - Pressure cooker accessories

Pressure cooker accessories for the Vitavit Edition & Premium series ✔ timer for cooking control ✔ for perfect dishes ✔

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Product information
Intelligent pressure cooker Accessories
With the Fissler Vitacontrol cooking assistant, you can control the cooking process, save energy and achieve excellent cooking results. The cooking assistant uses an audible signal and LED display to indicate before the cooking temperature is reached that the stove should be switched back to ensure perfect cooking pressure. When the cooking temperature is reached, the integrated kitchen timer switches on automatically.

Flexible and easy to operate
The desired cooking time is set before cooking using the control buttons on the Fissler Vitacontrol. As soon as the kitchen timer has activated automatically, you can remove it from the pot and place it next to you. This way you always have the remaining cooking time in view, even if you are not in the kitchen.

Fissler pressure cooker accessories for tasty dishes
  • Saves energy and gets vitamins
  • With service function and easy to operate
  • can be used manually as a short time alarm clock
  • With optical and acoustic signals
  • Gives information about the correct cooking temperature
  • Programmable for all types of stoves
  • For pressure cookers Vitavit Edition & Premium
Vitamins and taste are preserved
It is not always easy to estimate the correct cooking time when cooking with the pressure cooker, especially when quantities and recipes vary. An electronic timer such as the cooking assistant not only controls the cooking time, but also prevents the pot from getting too hot. This preserves vitamins and taste. The service function indicates when sealing rings and other rubber parts should be replaced. The pressure cooker accessories are suitable for the Vitavit pressure cooker series Premium and Edition.

Allergy info
The material does not contain any known allergens.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
length: 13 cm
Weight: 0,23 kg
width: 11,5 cm
height: 7 cm

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