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Living Crafts Bread Storage Bag - GOTS certified

Bread storage bag made of organic cotton with drawstring ✔ Also for keeping rolls fresh ✔ Environmentally friendly & washable at 60°C ✔

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Product information
Environmentally friendly and plastic-free
The Living Crafts bread storage bag takes up a proven tradition of bread storage. The firmly woven organic cotton is breathable, protects the bread from dust and insects and regulates moisture. Bread does not dry out so quickly, but does not soften, which prevents the formation of mould. As a roll bag, it is an environmentally friendly shopping aid for loose rolls and keeps them fresh for one day. In general, the greater the proportion of rye, meal or sourdough in the bread, the longer it stays fresh.

Living Crafts Bread Storage bag made of organic cotton
  • Uncolored and unbleached
  • Closable with drawcord
  • Unrestricted reusable
  • GOTS certified and vegan
  • Washable at 60°C
  • For plastic-free shopping
To store and give away
The Living Crafts Bread Storage Bag is neither dyed nor bleached, so no dye or bleach can transfer to the bread. It is ideal for storing all sorts of things, as well as for giving away homemade bread and rolls. The organic cotton bag can be tightly closed with a drawstring and is an inexpensive alternative to the bread box.

Allergy info
Natural cotton is free of allergens. Tip: Wash the bread bag without detergent or fabric softener, so that detergent residue cannot contaminate the bread. If the bread is very dirty, you can use an organic detergent or simple soap without fragrance.
Country of origin
  • CU816552
Dimensions: 36 x 41 cm
washable: 60° C
Ironing: 2
suitable for tumble drying: nein

cotton (organic)
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