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Meraki cornea pumice stone with cord - white or black

Well-groomed feet with Meraki callus pumice stone ✔ Natural product, without plastic ✔ With leather cord to hang up ✔ Black pumice stone or natural ▻ buy.
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Product information
cornea pumice stone
With this natural pumice stone, you can easily remove calluses from your feet and treat them as softly as caress. Apply the pumice stone to wet skin and take care of your feet in a gentle way. Information about the cornea Pumice stone:
  • Black pumice stone or white pumice stone
  • From limestone and leather
  • pure natural product
  • With practical loop for hanging up
Remove the cornea with pumice stone
As a black pumice stone or white pumice stone, this natural product helps you to gently and effectively remove calluses. Use the cornea pumice stone after showering or in the best case after a pleasant foot bath. Soak your feet in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes to soften the cornea. Then use the pumice stone on wet feet and gently scrub them. Then dry your feet and apply cream. Hang the pumice stone on the loop to dry.

pumice stone, leather
Property Value
skin type blemished skin, combination skin, dry skin, for every skin type, male skin, mature skin, normal skin, sensitive skin
user man, unisex, woman
properties ohne Kunststoffe, ohne Latex, without fragrances, without micro beads, without nanoparticles
smell (odour) neutral odour
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