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PureNature Carpet Cleaner Agent - Concentrate without Fragrance

Powerful carpet shampoo concentrate for carpets and upholstery made of wool, silk and synthetic ✔ carpet cleaner agent for equipment and hand cleaning ✔

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200ml (€3.93 / 100 ml)

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
For gentle carpet cleaning
The PureNature carpet shampoo without fragrance is suitable for upholstery and carpets and can be used with a shampooer, spray extraction method or manually. The carpet shampoo for vacuum cleaners contains natural gall soap. This has a powerful effect against all stains without attacking textiles. The carpet cleaner is so gentle that it can also be used on silk and wool.

PureNature Carpet Cleaner Agent without solvent
  • carpet shampoo for upholstery and carpets
  • suitable for vacuum washer and manual application
  • Without fragrances and preservatives
  • suitable for wool and silk
  • Cleaned with natural gall soap
  • skin and environmentally friendly
For households with children and animals
PureNature Carpet Shampoo is a concentrate and contains no preservatives or solvents. Children and pets spend a lot of time closer to the floor than adults. It is therefore important to use skin-friendly cleaners that do not pollute the indoor air. Ecological cleaning agents such as carpet cleaner are particularly skin and environment friendly and are suitable for households with children and pets.

Before shampooing your carpet, please check the colour fastness of your carpets or upholstery in an inconspicuous place. Particularly soiled areas should be pre-treated with the cleaning agent for carpets.

Allergy info
The ingredients do not belong to the known allergens and are generally well tolerated. However, due to their excellent fat-dissolving properties, they can lead to dry skin on contact with the skin. In general, it makes sense to wear gloves when cleaning.

Ätzend GEFAHR: Verursacht schwere Augenschäden. Nicht in die Augen, auf die Haut oder auf die Kleidung gelangen lassen. BEI KONTAKT MIT DEN AUGEN: Einige Minuten lang behutsam mit Wasser spülen. Vorhandene Kontaktlinsen nach Möglichkeit entfernen. Weiter spülen. BEI VERSCHLUCKEN: Bei Unwohlsein GIFTINFORMATIONSZENTRUM/Arzt anrufen.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in

amphoteric tenside, tenside not ionic, bile (beef), alcohol*, citric acid
Ingredients marked with * are from organic farming.
Property Value
detergent properties liquid detergent
application special cleaner
ingredients without chlorine, without colourings, without fragrances, without optical brighteners, without phosphate, without preservatives
properties without animal testing
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