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Safe Choice Carpet Shampoo

SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo is an odorless, dye free rug and carpet shampoo and spotter. It is both a strong cleaner and odour remover yet safe even for the chemically sensitive.

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950ml (€4.20 / 100 ml)

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Product information
It contains no harmful chemicals like ammonia, butyl ethers, alcohols, phosphates, caustics or acids. It is not toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable. It does not irritate hands or skin.
SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo is designed to be used in conjunction with SafeChoice Carpet Seal (to seal carpet backing) and SafeChoice Lock Out (to seal carpet fibers and repel dirt and stains). This three part system helps to clean out and seal in the irritating chemicals found throughout a typical carpet. SafeChoice Carpet Shampoo is also highly effective when used individually as a carpet shampoo.

  • Odorless, non-offensive to user and occupant.
  • Especially welcomed by professional cleaners and occupants of enclosed, centrally-ventilated buildings where occupants are subject to the effects of all toxic discharges within the building, including those from building and maintenance products.
  • When used in conjunction with SafeChoice Carpet Seal and SafeChoice Lock Out, provides a unique system for reducing the effects of carpet toxicity.
  • Safely used by and for the chemically sensitive.
  • Reduces indoor air pollution from soiled carpets.

    Not recommended for wool carpets.
  • Country of origin
    • Manufactured in USA
      Manufactured in

    Aqua, non-ionic surficial, emulsifier, PH-stabilizer
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