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Activated carbon filter mat extra strong with activated carbon granulate

Allermed activated carbon filter mat can be cut to size and effectively removes VOCs, volatile chemicals and odours. With 36 activated carbon filters.

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
To remove odors, number 1
The PureNature activated carbon filter mat has 36 individual capsules with activated carbon granulate, which distinguishes it from conventional odour filter mats, which consist only of fleece. The natural odour absorber efficiently filters volatile chemicals such as solvents, VOCs or animal odours. The activated carbon filter mat extra strong contains approx. fifteen times more activated carbon than conventional universal filters. Use the activated charcoal filter cuttable, very uncomplicated, wherever volatile chemicals and unpleasant odours disturb. Special features of the PureNature activated carbon filter mat

  • Extra strong in action
  • Filled with activated carbon granulate
  • Environmentally friendly, without chemicals
  • Activated carbon filter can be cut to size
  • 36 individual odour absorbers capsules
  • Shelf life approx. 6 months depending on area of application
  • Dispose of with household waste after use
Practical in the household and for the car
The versatile activated carbon filter mat extra strong can be applied to almost any surface. It is even easy to attach in corners. If a bad odour in the wardrobe is annoying, simply place the filter mat in the wardrobe or use some double-sided adhesive tape to attach it. An activated carbon granulate capsule is sufficient for the smell of sweat in shoes. For such purposes the activated carbon filter can be cut to size and is extremely practical. Fields of application of the activated carbon filter mat extra strong

  • Remove odour from car
  • Sleeping places of animals
  • Remove to musty smell
  • Eliminate odours in the cabinet or under the sink
  • Bad smell in the wardrobe
  • Smelling shoes, sports bags
Use the activated carbon filter mat extra strong completely if strong unpleasant odours occur. For smaller areas, cut a large piece suitable for the purpose, with one or more capsules filled with activated carbon granulate , rightly.

. More odour absorbers and air purifiers are available online in the PureNature Shop.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
length: 47,0 cm
breathability: 200 PA (1350l/m²)
width: 57,0 cm
General Data
Activated carbon: 400 g, ja
Filter change: 12 Monate

activated charcoal from coconut shells, polyester, polyethylene
Property Value
filter technology Aktivkohle
filtering purpose Ammoniak, Formaldehyd, Gase (VOC), Gerüche (WC, Küche), Gülle, Lösungsmittel, Toluol, Benzol, Ozon, Rauche, Schadstoffe, Tabakrauch
no filtering of CO2
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