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AL-KO PURE Air Steriliser with Plasma Technology and Light

The efficiency of the AL-KO PURE air steriliser is 99.99% on VOCs, particles, viruses, bacteria & pollens ✔ Not only filters but eliminates pollutants ✔
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Product information
Designed for highest expectations
Finally being able to take a deep breath! The innovative AL-KO PURE air steriliser is the answer to all aspects of air filtration. A highly efficient filter performance for rooms up to 60m2, low operating noise, easy to use intuitive controls and an aesthetic design. The high quality of filtered air illustrates the full extent of the innovative technology that went into the development of the plasma air steriliser. The AL-KO PURE eliminates allergens, pollutants, odours, VOCs as well as airborne particles and eradicates those dangerous substances using advanced technology. As an air purifier for large room it not only removes ozone from air but also does not produce any ozone during the process.

Decorative appearance thanks to BUSSE Design
The prestigious German product designer developed the slender column of the AL-KO PURE office air purifier which enhances the ambience of waiting rooms, restaurants and other public rooms as well as private living space. The integrated light is adaptable and gives the air steriliser design an elegant appearance. Enjoy the modern design and enhance your well-being by breathing clean air.

The special features of the AL-KO PURE Air Steriliser
  • Highly efficient plasma air purifier with 5 performance levels
  • Automatic mode, air quality sensor and timer
  • Patented plasma technology and 3 stage filter
  • Attractive design and controllable light
  • For rooms up to 60m2 and whisper quiet
  • Economically priced replacement filter
  • Without ioniser, free from ozone

Plasma air purifier combined with 3 stage filter and pre-filter
The technology of the AL-KO PURE Air Steriliser breaks new ground in terms of air purification. The office air steriliser contains the engineering experience of a ventilation technology company which is leading the international market. The result is an air purifier which combines the patented plasma technology with conventional filtering, an E7 pre-filter and a 3 stage EPA E11 filter with activated carbon. The integrated plasma catalyst ensures efficient air cleaning and increases the lifetime of the conventional filters.

The difference to conventional air purifiers
AL-KO PURE Air Steriliser really sterilises the air by eliminating bacteria and viruses. In public areas such as waiting rooms of dentists or medical centres, in open plan offices and conference rooms, the air purifier contributes to the reduction of infections.

People with allergies and asthma can finally breathe deeply
Pollens, mould, animal detritus, airborne particles and pollutants are consistently destroyed not just filtered from the air. The filter efficiency is 99.99% by VOCs and particles bigger than 0.3 µm. The destruction of allergens reduces the symptoms of hay fever, cat and mould allergy and provides clean air for allergy sufferers.

Choose between automatic and manual control
The automatic mode control uses a high-tech sensor to adequately filter room air or choose your own settings from the easy to use intuitively operated display. Breathe deep and you will feel the difference that the 99.99% filter efficiency makes. Allergens such as pollens, mould spores and dust are filtered out by the pre-filter; subsequently the air is sucked through a plasma field. During this process the AL-KO PURE functions as a steriliser which eliminates bacteria, viruses, airborne particles, VOCs and dust mites. The AL-KO PURE is an efficient non ozone air purifier and works without ionisation which means it does not add to the pollutant already present in the air.

Air cleaner with integrated light
At first glance the AL-KO Pure with its unobtrusive LED illumination looks like a designer light sculpture. Choose on the display from 10 harmonious colour settings for the light circle. Change the intensity of the ambient light according to your mood. The control display is intuitive to use and allows you to make changes quickly and easily. At night you can switch off the light completely.

Problem solving with added value for individual working areas
In a working environment which is open to the public, and into which pollutants can get, a professional approach to air purification is required. In professional areas of a specific design tailored for that profession, conventional air purifiers can often be perceived as optically disruptive. The AL-KO steriliser epitomises aesthetic modern design. The slender white exterior combined with stainless steel and effective light underlines a professional room concept. The AL-KO Pure integrates easily into fully designed places such as nail studios which have a naturally high pollution rate and where substances such as acetone need to be filtered from the air. Here, especially, the integrated plasma technology is of great value and filters volatile substances and dust quickly and efficiently from the air.

Tested and verified quality as a guarantee for allergy sufferers
The AL-KO PURE Air Steriliser has been tested and verified by ECARF, Allergy Swiss, DEKRA and Ecole Polytechnique. The air purifier received an energy star for its low energy consumption of only 10-60W/h. Long intervals between filter changes makes the cost of replacement filters comparatively low.

Benefit from the AL-KO PURE Air Steriliser and enjoy clean air free from allergens, pollutants, odour and airborne particles. We are here to help. Our PureNature experts are happy to answer any queries and advise you on air purifying solutions tailored to your needs.

Dimensions: Ø 32 cm x 112 cm
Weight: 13 kg
Room size: bis 60 m²
Housing: Außenhülle: Kunststoff, Bein und Fußplatte: Edelstahl
air outlet: oben
air intake: unten
General Data
Activated carbon: 600 g
Filter change: Vorfilter: 3-6 Monate, 3-Stufen-Filter: bis 3 Jahre
prefilter: F7 Feinstaubfilter
total separation efficiency: 99,98% / 0,3 µm
plasma filter: ja
CADR pollen: 138,47 m³/h
CADR smoke: 127,77 m³/h
CADR dust: 123,51 m³/h
Filter fineness: 0,3 µm
filter change indicator: ja
HEPA filter: E11
remote control: nein
air quality sensor: VOC Sensor
Airflow: 130 m³/h max.
energy consumption: 10 - 60 W
power control: manuell + automatikmodus
power settings: 1 - 5 plus Automatik mit Luftqualitätssensor
Volume level 2: Stufe 1: 30 dbA / Stufe 3: 35 dbA / Stufe 5: 56 dbA
Volts: 220-240
Smartphone Steuerung: nein
standby: 0,5 W
day- / night mode: nein
child safety lock: nein
timer: 1-99 Stunden wählbar
casters: nein

synthetics, stainless steel
Property Value
filter technology Vorfilter / Plasma / Aktivkohle
room size larger than 50 m²
filtering purpose , ammonia, animal hair & hair, bacteria, dust mites / - droppings, Feinstaub, Formaldehyd, gasses (VOC), house dust, liquid manure, moulds, odours (toilette, kitchen), ozone, pet dander, pollen, smoke, solvent, toluol, benzene, Tabakrauch, tobacco smoke, toner dust, viruses
no filtering of CO2
operation site beauty salon, bedroom, children's room, home, hotel room, laboratory, manicure salon, office, restaurant, smoking room, surgery, clinic, waiting room
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