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Bedside Affix-Table, C-Form, metal-free

Bedside Affix-Table, C-Form, metal-free

This bedside table is especially suitable for our Bed-Models CIRCLE, Drop, RION and WAVE. The bedside table is constructed metal-free.

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Product information
Natural oil / wax is used for the bedside table. Upon request we offer the bedside table untreated for the same price, which later however, requires higher maintenance.

For more information about the oil / wax:
Ecological hard wax oil for the wood surface: An ecological hard wax furniture oil from Austria is used for the surface of the PureNature solid wood bed Natur. The furniture oil contains linseed oil, sunflower oil, soya oil, carnauba wax and candellila wax for best protective properties. From a building biology point of view, this hard wax oil is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and MCS sufferers because it does not contain citrus pene. The low-odour oil/wax mixture ensures that the natural wood smell, which can be perceived as annoying with allergies, is included. The wood surface becomes particularly smooth with the hard wax oil with pleasant Haptik and is particularly protected against humidity, dirt and sunlight.

  • Material: solid beechwood
  • Glue: formaldehyde-free white glue
  • Surface: Vitavol furniture oil or untreated
  • Construction: metal-free

  • Top 500 x 350mm
  • Thickness: 25mm

    The bedside table is already assembled when delivered.

    Delivery time: Approx. 30 working days.
    Delivery without Decoration!
  • Country of origin
    • Manufactured in GERMANY
      Manufactured in

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