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Bircher muesli vegan and gluten-free from Bauckhof Naturkost

Bircher muesli vegan and gluten-free from Bauckhof Naturkost

Gluten-free Bircher muesli vegan from 100% organic ingredients ✔ With roasted nuts, sultanas & apple pieces, no added sugar. Suitable for celiac disease.

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  • DE-007 Öko-Kontrollstelle
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
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Product information
With Bauckhof Bircher Muesli - vegan and gluten-free breakfast
A new pleasure for a full breakfast. The muesli without wheat is made from gluten-free wholemeal oat flakes, dried fruits and roasted nuts. The crunchy almond sticks and hazelnut pieces are roasted with sunflower oil. 100% controlled organic ingredients are exactly matched to each other.

Enjoy Bircher muesli vegan with oat milk, almond milk or coconut milk, a perfect combination. Try coconut milk yoghurt or a soy variant to prepare your Bircher muesli vegan. An all-round successful taste experience for your breakfast.

Bauckhof Bircher Muesli vegan

  • with wholegrain oat flakes gluten-free
  • Laboratory analysis for gluten-free quality < 20 ppm tested
  • All Bircher Muesli Ingredients 100% Organic
  • With roasted almonds and hazelnuts
  • Lactose-free and vegan
  • unsweet
High quality organic breakfast food
Bauckhof stands for consistent natural products, which are produced gluten-free from the best organic ingredients. The pithy muesli without wheat was compiled for allergy sufferers, people with celiac disease and vegans who eat gluten-free. Who prefers a nutrition without wheat, appreciates fast the consequence with which with Bauckhof natural food is manufactured. The Bircher Müsli ingredients are 100% organic, vegan and guaranteed gluten-free. Tested, gluten-free quality
The wholemeal oat flakes, for muesli without wheat, are tested by laboratory analysis. Every single batch is checked in the laboratory to guarantee that the gluten content is below the detection limit of 20 ppm. Enjoy Bircher muesli vegan from Bauckhof, for an enjoyable, gluten-free breakfast.

Contains oats, hazelnuts, almonds, nuts.

Manufacturer details

Manufactured in Germany
Bauck GmbH, Duhenweitz 4, 29571 Rosche

Country of origin
  • DE-007 Öko-Kontrollstelle
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in

Allergy relevant information
  • Ballaststoffquelle
  • ohne Eier
  • ohne Erdnüsse
  • ohne Fisch
  • ohne Geschmacksverstärker
  • ohne glutenhaltige Getreide
  • ohne Hefe
  • ohne Knoblauch
  • ohne Krebstiere
  • ohne künstliche Aromen
  • ohne künstliche Farbstoffe
  • ohne Lupine
  • ohne Mais
  • ohne Milch & Laktose
  • ohne Palmöl
  • ohne Salzzusatz
  • ohne Schwefel
  • ohne Sellerie
  • ohne Senf
  • ohne Sesam
  • ohne Soja
  • ohne Weichtiere
  • ohne Weizen
  • ohne Zuckerzusatz
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarisch
  • oatmeal
  • hazel nuts
  • almonds
oatmeal* (77%), sultanas*, apple*, sun flower oil*, hazel nuts*, almonds
Allergenic ingredients are highlighted in bold.
Ingredients marked with * are from organic farming.
Nutrition facts per 100 g
Energy 1580kJ / 375kcal
Fat 7.9 g
of which saturated 1.1 g
unsaturated fatty acids
of which polyunsaturated
carbohydrates 59.7 g
sugar 14.0 g
protein 11.3 g
salt 0.01 g
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