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Blueair Aware for Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Blueair Aware for Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Blueair Aware for Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Blueair Aware for Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Blueair Aware for Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Blueair Aware for Real Time Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Blueair Aware air quality monitor measures pollutants, temperature & humidity in real-time ✔ Detailed information about PM2.5 particulate matter & VOC levels ✔
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Product information
Measuring of pollutants, monitoring and regulating the air quality
The Blueair Aware is an air quality monitoring device which also assists in controlling and improving indoor air quality. Highly sensitive sensors measure the air quality for pollutants, carbon dioxide and PM 2.5 particulate matter. The values found in real-time are transmitted via Wi-Fi to the Blueair Friends app which can be downloaded free and works with any smartphone device. In connection with the Blueair Classic 205, 405, 505 and 605 as well as the Sense+ you can test and control the air quality in home or office from wherever you are. You can check and regulate the air purifier performance with the app and always arrive to a room full of clean air.

Highlights of the Blueair Aware air quality monitoring device
  • Indoor air and VOC monitor for assessing and improving air quality
  • Provides real-time data for adjustment of air purifier settings
  • With indoor air quality sensor for detecting pollutants and particulate matter
  • Measuring: VOCs, particulate matter, carbon dioxide, temperature, humidity
  • Controls the Blueair Classic 205, 405, 505, 605 and Sense+
  • Data transmission via Wi-Fi, app and smart devices
  • Indicates when filter exchange is required

Connected: Blueair Aware, the air purifier and the smart device
With the Blueair Friends app you can connect the Blueair Aware home air quality monitor to your tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Clean air is healthy air and increases our well-being. Often indoor air is polluted by VOC, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and allergens. Indoor air quality testing and then improving the air quality with the Blueair Aware is easy. The LED display changes colour when the air quality drops and simultaneously sends an impulse to your smart device asking you to change the settings on your air purifier. This can improve medical conditions like asthma and allergies and generally make us feel better.

What is monitored by the Blueair Aware?
  • PM 2.5 particulate matter
  • VOCs, i.e. solvents in paints, fragrances and cleaners
  • Humidity
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Temperature

Operating the air purifier with high precision
Every five minutes the Blueair Aware air quality monitor assesses the indoor pollution and transmits this information to the app. You will receive exact data about the level of pollutants, particulate matter, temperature and humidity. The Blueair app connects the Aware and your smart device which receives, in real-time, all the pollution data found. With this information on your smart device you can now change the settings accordingly via app or manually. You also have the choice of activating the automatic mode. With the Blueair Aware you have a high-tech monitoring and controlling system that will guarantee you the pleasure and benefits of clean air.

length: 185 mm
Weight: 410 g
Dimensions: 185x80x80 mm
humidity: Ja
temperature: Ja
height: 80 mm
VOC: Ja, Gesamt
General Data
particulate matter: Ja
carbon dioxide: Ja
connectivity: iOS 8 und höher, Android 4.1 und höher
power supply: fest installiertes USB-Kabel, 1,7 m
safety: Offen/WEP/WPA/2 Personal
WLAN: 802.11B/G/N, WLAN GHz: 2,4

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