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Blueair Blue Pure Air Purifier Filters in 5 Different Trend Colours

The Air Purifier Filters complement the Blueair Blue Pure 211 ❀ In pink, yellow, blue, grey & black ✔ Special, washable fabric, changeable in seconds! ✔

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Product information
Every day a different colour
The Blueair Blue Pure 211 air purifier pre-filter for particles, dust and pet hair exceeds its primary function with the added colour range. The special fabric is available in five colours making turning your Blueair Blue Pure into a decorative object. No need to stick with grey and black. Enjoy adding colour to your life. A dreary rain day is brightened like a ray of sunshine with one of the blue or yellow Blueair air purifier pre-filters. The air purifier filters for particles are available in grey, black, pink, yellow and azure blue.

Special features of the Blue Pure 211 Pre-filter
  • Filters coarse dust and fluff
  • Effective against dog and cat hair
  • In five different colours from understated to stylish
  • Functions as pre-filter with colour design element
  • Changeable in seconds and washable

High-tech material with colour bonus
The colour air dust filter has been developed for the Blue Pure 211 but can be also used for the Blue 221. Add a dash of colour to your rooms and decide on the spot which colour to choose. You may do this several times a day because the change is done without fuss and in seconds. From understated to upbeat to match the decor or your mood.

The special fabric of the particle filter is similar to that of functional clothing used in high-performance sport. This is a great advantage because you can hand wash the Blue Pure 211 pre-filter or pop it into the washing machine. Let colour into your life, get rid of the gloom.

General Data
Activated carbon: Nein
Filter change: 6 Monate
prefilter: ja

Property Value
filter technology Vorfilter
filtering purpose , animal hair & hair
no filtering of bacteria, chemicals, CO2, odours, viruses, VOC or solvents
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