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Clay Paint, white

The clay paint is a solvent free, permanently elastic wall- and ceiling paint for indoor use. The clay colour is breathable, wash resistant and moisture- regulating according to DIN 13300 Kl. 3.

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Product information
The properties of the clay retain in this colour. The clay colour is odour-absorbing and water absorptive. People with asthmatic symptoms and skin problems feel comfortable in an area where negative ions exist. The clay colour contributes a pleasant indoor climate in this way.

The clay colour covers also wet and it can be used nearly non-drip and without having dash of colour. By a very high solids content the colour has a very good filling-capacity and covering power. Clay Colour can be applied to most interior surfaces such as rock, timber, masonry, brick and fibre cement without priming and also wood. It is especially suitable for clay subsoil.

Only the white clay colour contains a white pigment. The colours react on incidence of light and because of that the paint acts largely as an opaque glaze.

The clay colour can be dyed with coloured pigments.

Your Benefits:
* purely organic
*solvent free
* odourless
* breathable
* moisture regulating
* healthy roomclimate

Generally apply two coats of the paint by roller or brush. Spread it evenly in all directions. On light-coloured even surfaces one coat is sufficient. On very absorbent surfaces such as rock, plaster, sandstone etc. application may be eased by dampening the surface with water and/or reducing the first coat with up to 5% water. Allow each coat to dry completely before re-painting. The paint will normally dry within 2–6 hours and may be recoated after. In cold or humid conditions drying time may be lengthened. The colour will be completely dry after 10 days. The colour is ready for use and 5 liters are sufficient for approx. 30m².

water, clay, chalk, kaoline, white glue, methylcellulose, preservative, titanium dioxide
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