Corningware Casserole Dish Set - For Cooking Vegetables

Corningware casserole dish set and lids. Two dishes of 1.5L & 2L capacity for microwave, oven and all hobs except induction. Nickel free & dishwasher proof.

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Product information
Healthy cooking starts with the right cookware
Vegans and vegetable lovers know that the choice of cookware can influence the taste of vegetables and fruit. The Corningware casserole dish set is made of Pyroceram glass which is thermal shock resistant and robust. Pyroceram glass, unlike many metals, does not react with alkalis and acids contained in many fruit and vegetables and does not give off any chemicals. Foods keep their authentic taste and do not discolour. The eco-friendly 2 stove top glass pots retain heat far better than metal casserole dishes which saves energy and shortens the cooking time.

The Corningware casserole dish set for gourmet vegetables
  • Set of 2 square casserole dishes with glass lids with the capacity of 1.5L and 2L
  • Suitable for storing food in fridge and freezer, does not absorb odours
  • Energy efficient, eco-friendly and healthy, suitable for nickel allergy sufferers
  • Thermal shock resistant Pyroceram glass developed for Space technology
  • Suitable for oven, microwave glass cookware and on all hobs except induction

The versatile glass cooking pot sets by Corningware offer cooking choices
The white glass-ceramic casserole dishes can be used as stove top glass pots or as microwave glass cookware. Leftovers can be stored in the white casserole dishes, kept in fridge or freezer and then reheated in the same dishes in which they have been stored. When all is eaten the Corningware casserole dish set is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Healthy cooking couldn't be easier. Even roasting is an option, just leave the lids off and pop your vegetables or roast into the oven. To top it all off, serve your food in the beautiful white dishes as the glass lid and heat retention make sure your food stays warm until everyone is at the table.

More superb glass cooking pot sets and casserole dishes by Corningware can be obtained from the PureNature online shop.

Weight: 1,24 kg, 1,84 kg
length: 17,2 cm, 21,0 cm
capacity: 1,5 Liter, 2 Liter
included in delivery: 2 Töpfe mit 2 Glasdeckel
Width with handle: 22,4 cm (1,5 Liter), 26,3 cm (2 Liter)
height with lid: 12,5 cm (1,5 Liter), 13,0 cm (2 Liter)
bottom: Ø 13,5 cm (1,5 Liter), Ø 18,0 cm (2 Liter)
width: 17,2 cm, 21,0 cm
height: 6,9 cm, 7,8 cm
capacity: 1,5 Liter, 2 Liter

glass ceramics
Property Value
free from ohne Beschichtung, ohne Chrom, ohne Kunststoffe, ohne Nanopartikel, ohne Nickel, ohne Phtalate, ohne PTFE / PFOA
type of pot Allzwecktöpfe, Pastatöpfe, Suppentöpfe, Topfsets
colour weiß
material of pots Glas
properties bei Nickelallergie, bei Schwermetall Allergie, klassisch, mit Deckel, modern, Spülmaschinenfest
cooker type Backofen, Ceranfeld, Elektroherd, Gasherd, Mikrowelle
shape Quadratisch
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