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Black + Blum Eau Good Glass drinking bottle with charcoal filter, 600 ml

The Eau Good Glass drinking bottle for on the way! Buy BPA Free Water Bottle with Carbon Filter & Cork Cap ✔ Black Blum Borosilicate Glass Bottle ▻.

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Get it as soon as 03.10.2022


Get it as soon as 03.10.2022

Get it as soon as 03.10.2022


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Product information
Design water bottle with carbon filter
Finally, the legendary Black + Blum Eau Good is now also available as a mouth-blown glass drinking bottle for on the go. Set a clear signal for the environment. The refillable water bottle with carbon filter gives you independence from disposable plastic bottles , which burden our planet. Drink pure, filtered water and immediately refill the water bottle with filter at the next tap. The supplied Binchotan branch activated carbon filters chlorine and other impurities from the water for about half a year and enriches it with natural minerals. Then replace the activated charcoal filter with a single action and drink soft, filtered water again for months. Special features of the Black + Blum Eau Good made of glass
  • Out of robust borosilicate glass mouth blown
  • Closure made of natural cork and silicone
  • carrying loop in different trend colours
  • Water bottle with carbon filter made of holm oak
  • For 600 ml clean water
  • Natural activated carbon filter, replaceable
  • With neoprene cuff for temperature and transport protection

Taking filtered water with you is active environmental protection
For many months the Black + Blum designers developed at the Eau Good. The aim was to ensure high suitability for everyday use. The cult shaped glass drinking bottle for on the way is made of resistant borosilicate glass. Due to the sensitive choice of material, the water bottle with charcoal filter is robust and hygienic. The Eau Good Glass water bottle is supplied with a neoprene cuff to protect your filtered water when you are on the move and to keep it at a pleasant drinking temperature. Ecological drinking bottle with carbon filter, BPA free
The attractive closure is BPA-free. It is made of natural cork and coloured silicone. Fix the clasp to the metal handle with the coloured carrying strap. Take several environmentally friendly drinking bottles with you when you go on tour. The Black + Blum Eau Good glass drinking bottle fits in almost every car cup holder. It provides you with 600ml tasty, filtered water for your thirst on the road.

In the Black + Blum Shop at PureNature you get more practical design products from the Box Appetit Line, which enrich your everyday life in style.

It is recommended to transport the Eau Good Glass drinking bottle for on the way, upright in your bag or backpack. Do not pour boiling hot water into the bottle.

Weight: ca. 0,4 kg
Dimensions: ca. Ø 9 x 25 cm
volume: 600 ml

glass, Binchotan Aktivkohle aus Eichenholz, Kork, nylon, silicone
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