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eWall Youngline Phone Pouch Case - Protection from Tracking

The velvety-soft phone pouch case offers effective protection from radiation ❀ In a gorgeous retro design with carabiner hook and choice of colours.


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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
An ingeniously simple design for a high-tech problem
eWall came up with a unique solution to protect you from radiation by designing a radiation blocking phone case. The phone pouch case has two compartments. The larger one covers your entire phone and is meant for those times when it is carried but not in use. The smaller side pocket is used when you want to make a call. Just place the phone, with the screen side facing the fabric, into the side pocket. Use the mobile phone as normal. The fabric will provide EMF mobile phone protection.

The features of the eWall Youngline Phone Pouch Case
  • Protects mobile phone from dirt, scratches and water splashes
  • Available in varying designs and colours
  • With carabiner hook
  • Size 15 x 7.5 cm
  • Between 80% and 90% protection from radiation
  • Made in Germany

Retro design in varying colours
The velvety-soft mobile phone pouch bag is made from a cotton-polyester fabric and available in several colours. It features a phone pouch belt clip that makes it easy to carry, just clip the carabiner to your belt or handbag. Up to 90% of radiation will be blocked if the mobile phone is completely enclosed by the signal blocking phone case and you cannot be traced.

Technology tested by the German Army
The Bundeswehr University Munich tested a slightly larger model of the eWall phone pouch case using a Blackberry 9780 and an iPhone 4. Depending on the network and phone type the mobile phone pouch bag blocked between 84% and 97% of radiation while conducting a call. Up to 3/4 of all radiation was blocked when the phone was carried in the main compartment of the eWall pouch. What makes the radiation blocking phone case so effective is the silver fabric inside which reflects radiation. It also protects you from being traced or hacked. Please choose your pouch 1.5cm wider and 2.5cm higher than your phone.

More designs and sizes of eWall pouches are available from the PureNature online shop.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: ca. 15 x 7,5 cm

polyester, cotton, silver thread
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