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Fissler Original Pro Collection Stainless Steel Roaster with Lid

The Fissler 28 cm roaster with lid with heavy cookstar bottom for oven & all cooker types including induction ✔ Versatile & robust for everyday use ✔

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Product information
Fissler Original Pro roasting dish with handles and domed lid
The round roaster with lid by Fissler is designed for large roasts and poultry. It is suitable for all hobs including gas and induction which makes it an incredibly versatile roasting pan. Start off by searing your roast on the hob, add liquids such as stock and wine to deglaze, bring to simmer, cover with lid and pop it into the oven. The Sunday roast couldn't be easier! The low sides and the domed lid combine the features of a frying pan with a traditional roaster. The stainless steel roasting dish is also perfect for slow cooking meat and stews. Ovenproof up to 220°C it is the perfect dish for super tender lamb shanks and braising steak.

The Fissler roaster with lid for unmatched roasts
  • Large dish with domed lid and Fissler condensation plus
  • Non-heat conducting handles
  • Heavy and tightly closing lid, energy saving for modern cooking
  • Professional cookware for restaurant quality cooking results
  • Versatile for roasting, searing, slow cooking and braising
  • Durable and designed for professional kitchens

The roasting pan for induction cooktop and oven
The Fissler stainless steel roasting dish has a tightly fitting lid so steam and heat escape slower. The Fissler condensation plus function ensures that the condensed liquid runs towards the middle of the lid and drops back into the pan. The Fissler Roaster with lid uses less energy and roasts retain more flavour. The handles stay cool on the hob as the metal will not conduct heat. The heavy stainless steel bottom retains heat for longer and distributes it evenly ensuring steady cooking without burning. The roasting dish with handles is part of the Fissler Original Pro Line, a cookware selection developed for professional chefs. The robust design and durability of the roasting pan for induction cooktop is a direct result of professional chef experience.

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Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Diameter: 28 cm
Weight: 3,6 kg
Dimensions: (LxBxH) 38,5x30,5x9 cm
capacity: 4,8 Liter

stainless steel
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