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Fissler Steel Saucepan in 2 Sizes - Suitable for Induction Hobs
Fissler Steel Saucepan in 2 Sizes - Suitable for Induction Hobs

Fissler Steel Saucepan in 2 Sizes - Suitable for Induction Hobs

Fissler Original Profi Collection Steel Saucepan. Graduated scale markings & pouring rim ✔ Energy saving Cookstar bottom & even heat distribution.

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
The Fissler steel saucepan a must-have for every chef
The saucepan from the Fissler Original Profi Collection should be part of the standard equipment in every kitchen. It is so incredibly versatile that in professional kitchens it is used many times a day. Heating up leftovers, preparing smaller portions, cook custard, reduce and prepare sauces, the Fissler saucepan makes light work of it. The saucepan 20cm is the perfect pot for cooking side dishes such as vegetables in butter sauce.

The advantages of the Fissler steel saucepan
  • Handle is non-heat conducting
  • Cookstar bottom suitable for all hob types including induction
  • Stylish 18/10 brushed stainless steel
  • With graduated scale markings inside
  • Oven proof up to 220°C, dishwasher proof

For every hob and any kitchen
The Fissler saucepan is best suited for sauces, blancmange, custard, porridge and dishes which are using liquids such as cream or milk. People who cook several dishes a day or often cook several course menus are best served with more than one casserole dish and in differing sizes. At PureNature two sizes are available; the saucepan 16cm with a capacity of 1.4 L and the saucepan 20cm with a capacity of 2.6 L.

Fissler Original Profi Collection- for professional and hobby chefs alike
Michelin star chefs worldwide use Fissler high quality cookware in the knowledge that it was developed by chefs for professional kitchens. Fissler original profi collection pots and pans fulfil the requirements needed for extensive use over years. This is reflected in the design without frills and the material used, which is 18/10 brushed stainless steel.

All the markings of a perfect cooking utensil
The Fissler steel saucepan, like all the other pots of the Profi Collection, distinguishes itself through perfect functionality. The long handle consists of thermo-insulated stainless steel and stays cool during cooking on electric- or induction hob. The Fissler casserole features a pouring rim which allows liquid to be transferred without dripping. A further highlight is the graduated scale markings inside the pan, divided into sections of 0.5 L and making it easy to add correct amounts of liquid. The cookstar bottom consists of an inner aluminium core which has excellent heat conducting properties. The core is encapsulated by high quality 18/10 stainless steel. The saucepan is suitable for all hob types such as electric, induction and gas.

The Fissler Original Profi Collection features a series of specialized pots and pans in addition to the basic selection which should not be missing from any kitchen. Unleash your inner chef and discover more high quality pots and pans by Fissler in the PureNature online shop.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Diameter: 16 cm
Weight: 1.24 kg, 1.78 kg
Dimensions: (LxBxH) 37 x19 x 11 cm
volume: 1.4 Liter
Durchmesser 2:: 20 cm
Volumen 2:: 2.7 Liter

stainless steel
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