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Adapter plug with switch 2-pole and shielded housing

The shielded earth contact adapter plug with switch separates the connected device from the mains completely by two poles.

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Product information
Many modern electrical appliances no longer have any circuit breakers. In standby mode, these appliances consume a lot of electricity per year. A remedy is to use an adapter plug with a 2-pole switch. This separates the device to 100% from the mains. No more standby consumption.

Speciality of the Danell plug adapter
A special feature of the adapter plug from Danell is the additional shielding. This reduces the alternating electric field of an unshielded (normal) wall socket.

Why a shielded two-pole intermediate socket?
  • Increased safety by switching off both conductors of the power supply, i.e. even if you plug the connector into the socket turned by 180 degrees, the voltage is always switched off.
  • Further reduction of the electric alternating field.
  • You simply use the adapter plug between the socket and the device. Power rating up to 3680 W/16 A.
    Country of origin
    • Manufactured in GERMANY
      Manufactured in
    Weight: 84 g
    Dimensions: (LxBxH): 90 x 50 x 45 mm
    electricity: 230V / 3680 W max.

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