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Horn Hair Barrette

A stylish barrette made of horn that looks beautiful in your hair. Perfect for putting your hair up or pulling it back. It especially keeps wavy or curly hair together well with the included pin. Also recommended for straight hair.

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    Hergestellt in : Madagaskar
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Product information
You can put your hair up or make a stylish ponytail with this traditional barrette made of horn. The plate is approx. 10cm long and 4cm wide, the included pin is approx. 14cm. The plate is highly polished and shines beautifully. Each barrette is a one-of-a-kind in form and color.

Horn has one unbeatable quality - and that is that it does not have one bad quality! Unlike synthetic products made ​​of plastic, metal, etc., horn is always non-toxic and is neutral with respect to our body. Perfect for health-conscious people!

Especially recommended for people with a nickel allergy or heavy metal poisoning since horn reacts neutrally to food. For this reason, it is also often used in homeopathy, for weighing and administering medical products.

Country of origin
  • Hergestellt in :
    Hergestellt in : Madagaskar

Property Value
hairtype curly hair, long hair
user baby & child, woman
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