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Black & Blum Glass Water Carafe with Active Charcoal Filter

Eau Good Glass Water Carafe. BPA and phthalate free ✔ Fill with 1.1 litre tap water and after a short time chlorine has been removed ✔

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Product information
Glass Water Carafe with Binchotan active charcoal filter
This is a showpiece made by the British designer duo Daniel Black and Martin Blum. The stylish design makes the Black Blum Eau Carafe decorative as well as useful. The Eau Good Carafe is made from hand blown glass and filters water with an active charcoal filter. In Japan this method has already been used since the 17th century to deliver filtered drinking water. A lid made from natural cork prevents dust from getting in and ensures water does not take on any outside smells.

Black & Blum Glass Water Carafe for tasty water
  • Includes one Binchotan active charcoal filter, which lasts 6 months
  • 1.1 litre capacity, water carafe fits the shelf in fridge door
  • Natural materials like glass and cork, eco-friendly
  • Made from hand blown glass
  • Without phthalate or BPA
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher proof

A water filter made from all natural materials
Binchotan charcoal is made from the wood of the holm oak and lasts 6 months. Once the filter effect is used up the charcoal can be recycled for other purposes. The charcoal filter not only purifies water but adds minerals to make water tastier. Simply fill the Black Blum Eau Carafe with tap water and leave the filter to work for 4 hours. The activated charcoal water can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature. The Carafe for water is designed to fit into a fridge door.

Filtered drinking water at home or at work
Serve activated charcoal water at meal times or at meetings. With the glass water Carafe by Black and Blum you have eye catching tableware. The Carafe for water is dishwasher-proof and eco-friendly. Made only from natural materials it contains no BPA or phthalate. Before cleaning the Eau Good Carafe remove the charcoal filter. Cork lid is not dishwasher proof. Lime spots can be easily removed with the PureNature limescale remover.

Replacement Binchotan charcoal is available from the PureNature online shop.

Dimensions: ca. 28 x 11 cm
volume: 1,1 L

glass, Binchotan Aktivkohle aus Eichenholz, Kork
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