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Emcur Tea Whisk - Chasen for traditional Matcha Green Tea

Chasen or Tea Whisk to prepare and froth up powdered matcha green tea. Handmade in Japan from bamboo. Essential for authentic green tea preparation ✔

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Product information
The traditional Tea Whisk for green matcha
The Matcha Bamboo Whisk is a little piece of handcrafted art made from one piece of bamboo cane. Use the chasen whisk to froth up matcha tea. The Japanese original accessory is the secret to the authentic preparation of the precious green tea. Delicate bristles produce the typical froth which makes drinking matcha green tea so pleasurable.

Special features of the Emcur Tea Whisk
  • Matcha bamboo whisk creates the perfect froth
  • Made from one piece of bamboo
  • Traditionally hand crafted
  • Not painted or chemically treated
  • Made in Japan

Tip from the master of the tea ceremony
Clean the Emcur Tea Whisk by rinsing it with warm water only. Do not use detergent. After cleaning place the chasen whisk on a porcelain matcha whisk holder which is also available from the PureNature online shop. This way the Tea Whisk retains its shape for longer and dries quickly so that you may enjoy making and drinking matcha green tea and continue using the same whisk for many years.

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