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Cretaceous time filled lime paint - Ideal for wet rooms

The Cretaceous lime paint has a light brush plaster character due to 0.5 mm grain size. Sump lime paint can be painted over, mould repellent, highly opaque ✔

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Product information
Natural lime wall paint with light grain size
The painted plaster look of the Cretaceous marsh lime paint filled develops on the wall a very special charm. Use the biological wall paint indoors, after priming, for the intermediate and final coat. For exterior use it is suitable as an intermediate coat.

Cretaceous time filled lime sump paint is suitable for allergy sufferers: Emission-free, odourless and without synthetic resin, free of titanium dioxide. The biological wall paint is mould repellent and disinfectant by nature.

. Versatile biological wall paint for inside and outside
Paint chalk time sump lime paint filled in the living area, as well as in wet rooms, in the bathroom or basement area. The diffusion-open wall paint has a lasting high alkalinity, whereby it is mould repellent and does not form condensation water. The surface of the Cretaceous Period Swamp Lime Paint filled , which is similar to paint coat plaster, proves to be insensitive in stairwells and cellars. Due to its proportion of marble powder, the biological wall paint is highly opaque and two coats are usually sufficient for attractive wall design. Further advantages for frequented and damp areas: Can be painted over several times, splash-proof, smudge-proof and low-stress.

Speculiarities of the Cretaceous period Marsh lime paint filled

  • Indoors for masonry, plaster, gypsum, plasterboard
  • suitable for damp rooms: alkaline and open to diffusion
  • For outdoor use suitable as intermediate coat
  • Acts like fine plaster, grain size 0.5mm
  • odorless, disinfectant, mold repellent
  • Laminates pores and fine cracks on the wall
  • paint consumption per coat of paint: approx. 0.20 l per m2
  • Optics: Matt, high white, slightly grained
Coloured wall design with lime wall paint
Cretaceous period Marsh lime paint filled can be tinted with natural, mineral pigments. Very easy to apply, with high decorative effect on the wall. Use a maximum of 100g pigment dissolved in water to 1 litre of paint. The matt lime paint changes slightly cloudy on the wall due to the tinting. By the effect combination, with the fine-grained brush plaster optics of the sump lime color of Kreidezeit, this kind of the wall organization works very stylishly. Application and processing Cretaceous time Sumpfkalkfarbe filled
The substrate must be dry and free of residues such as grease, paste and dust. Prime the wall surfaces with the specially adapted Cretaceous Period Casein Primer. The application temperature should be between 10-25°C.

Please note:
Swamp lime paint is not suitable for plastic surfaces, painted surfaces, wood, wood fibre boards or walls that have been previously painted with glue paint.

Discover more biological wall paints and ecological building materials online at PureNature. Specialized personnel answers you gladly questions to compatibility and application.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
range: ca. 5 m²/l

Sumpfkalk, marble powder, Sinterwasser, methylcellulose
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