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Here you can find irritant-free body care Products

Gentle personal care without irritants

People with sensitive skin or allergies should avoid placing an additional burden on their immune system, and therefore should avoid allergenic additives in cosmetics. Even valuable herbal additives, especially essential oils, may harbour the risk of an allergic reaction. Sensitive skin often reacts to temperature fluctuations, stress and inadequate care products with redness, irritation and tightness. This is why people with allergies or sensitive skin should avoid essential oils, herbal extracts, colour, fragrances and preservatives when choosing skincare products.

Dermatologically tested
These products have been tested by a dermatologist for compatibility. Further tests done by PureNature with allergic volunteers as test persons offer you further assurance.

Excellent quality
Many products have been commended for their excellent quality in independent consumer tests (Oeko Test, Stiftung Warentest, clinical tests, etc.).

Fully declared ingredients
We at PureNature have listed all ingredients according to INCI standards so they can, for example, be compared with your allergy documents. For even more comfort and ease, use the compatibility filter in our online shop.

Large selection
Pure Nature offers a wide range of cosmetic products with different compositions. Now you can choose products suitable for your allergies.For people with eczema, we recommend using bath additives that regulate lipids. After drying your skin, do yourself a favour and use a lipid regulating (moisturising) cream or lotion, since freshly bathed skin is often dry and can absorb moisture well. In any case, remember the basic principle of "Less is more."

Ideal for the summer:
Underarm Pads as an alternative to deodorants, so you stay fresh when you start to sweat. Practical thin pads protect your clothing and protect them from sweat stains.