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Shopping Guide

PureNature Shopping Guide


PureNature has more than 20 years’ experience in providing specialised advice and selling products and services for allergy and MCS sufferers (Chemical Sensitivity). You, as a customer, can benefit from our experience by using our advice service by telephone or online for unique information, product and shopping guides in our online shop. We have integrated into our shop numerous advice and information pages and, not least, the product filter to make shopping secure, comfortable and fast for people with allergies.


Product Filter

At PureNature you have the option to view your very own personal shop. If you use the product filter you will see, for instance, only those products which you can tolerate. Products containing allergens which you have to avoid will be excluded and are no longer shown. You can save the product filter settings to your own account for future visits to our website. Your shopping is quickly and safely taken care of.


The product filter is divided into three sub-sections of which you can choose one or more.



Allergy Filter

You can choose filter settings for the entire shop if you have one or more of the following intolerances or allergies. After you have chosen one or more categories only those products that match your filter specification will be shown to you. Please note that then you will not be able to see our full product range. You can choose from the following options:


Neurodermatitis or Atopic Eczema

Pollen Allergy


Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Nickel Allergy (non-food products)

Electro Sensibility

Dust Mite Allergy

Gluten Intolerance - Coeliac Disease

Latex Allergy

Fragrance Allergy

Pet Allergy

Sun Allergy

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Contact Dermatitis

Lactose Intolerance



Foodstuff Filter – Elimination Diet

You have a food allergy or intolerance or would like to avoid a certain ingredient or live vegan? Then you have come to the right place if you do not want to study the complete list of ingredients on the label of a food product.  This is now the job of the Foodstuff Filter and after you have chosen your filter settings only those products which reflect your preferences are shown. You can also activate several filter settings at a time, for instance vegan, soya free, gluten free: now only those products which fulfil all three criteria are shown.



Tolerance Filter

PureNature has developed a simple and easy method to exclude certain products from being added to the basket. You have to mark those ingredients you wish to avoid once only in the filter settings and to save the choice on your account. Products with these ingredients will be excluded and will not be shown to you in future. You will find only products without these ingredients in the shop.


Important note: The product filter shall give you an initial selection – unfortunately this cannot substitute a test of tolerance by you. All liability shall be excluded.



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