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Activities, Vision & Values

The Beginnings

1996 PureNature was born out of necessity when the sister of the company founder developed severe allergies and Chemical Sensitivity. Life was only possible under controlled environmental conditions without allergens and using air and water filters. The family had to obtain many items used in daily life, such as cleaning and skincare products, filtration systems, etc., from the USA because there were no alternatives to be found in Europe. Other allergy and MCS sufferers from all over Germany registered their interest in such special products. Subsequently the PureNature company was founded with a first catalogue featuring a basic range of products on eight pages. The orders were shipped to the customers from the house of the founder’s parents.


PureNature colleagues are regularly trained within the company, with manufacturers and on training courses. We attach greatest importance to customer support when it comes to allergies. Products must be checked individually to see if they are tolerated, especially when multiple allergies or intolerances are present in the customer.
Staff and management visit several times a year international exhibitions, events and are familiar with the newest product developments and information from allergology and environmental medicine.
The in-house library contains German and American specialist literature as well as studies regarding health subjects such as allergies, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, food and electro sensitivity, environmental medicine and much more.

A professional personalised advice as a matter of course is part of PureNature’s customer service!


PureNature has specialised in products for vegans, people with sustainable life style, allergy sufferers and those requiring Free Froms. The range contains more than 4000 products which have been produced sustainably and are suitable for allergy sufferers and vegans.
The products are chosen by clearly-defined criteria (including allergy potential, certified production, scientifically proven effects, vegan, etc.). PureNature colleagues who suffer from allergies themselves, test persons, clinics and doctors all test products for tolerance. Moreover, PureNature has its own product range developed by specialists and include items such as the PureNature liquid detergent.


Together with experts, doctors and specialist clinics, patients are competently looked after regarding their accompanying treatment to comply with the necessary elimination diet.
Information regarding environment, sustainability and allergies as well as a blog are part of our website information service.

Climate protection is a very important issue to us and we have already conducted many projects and are progressing towards becoming a climate neutral mail order company. More information here>

Our Philosophy

PureNature offers everything for a healthy, sustainable life without allergies.
Prevention is better than cure!

Natural. Sustainable. Healthy living.