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Privacy Policy & Data Protection Act at PureNature

Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. We respect your privacy and personal sphere. For that reason we adhere strictly to the law while we are processing your personal data. We would like to inform you about the way we collect and use data.

Here you will find the following information:

I. What do you do with my personal data?
1. Contract processing
2. Data storage, my account
3. Further advertising
4. Cancellation & the right of cancellation

II. Do you collect my data when I visit your site?
1. Cookies
2. Web analysis and advertising
3. Right of objection regarding usage profile
4. Social Plugins (Facebook etc.)
5. Customer feedback

III. How do you protect my personal data?

IV. Credit assessment and scoring

V. What rights do I have?

VI. To what have I given my consent?


I. What do you do with my personal data?

1. Contract processing
Personal data consists of information about factual or personal circumstances of a particular or identifiable, natural person. This also includes, for example, your name, your telephone number, your address as well as all inventory data which you will disclose. We collect data, store and process your data for contract execution as well as for a potentially later warranty processing. Within the framework of order processing the hereby utilised service providers (i.e. courier service, logisticians, payment services) will receive from us the necessary data.


2. Data storage, my account
Your specific order data will be stored by us. You can register with us (email address and password). By registering with us you receive access to the data about you as a person and about your orders which is stored by us. If you would like to cancel your access you can use the corresponding features in “login” or please get in touch with one of the below listed contact options (see also Cancellation & the right of cancellation).


3. Further advertising
We would like to point out that we, as far as this is permitted within the legal framework and without your expressed consent, use your data - and repeatedly – for our own advertising and marketing purposes. The acceptance of this information does not constitute an expressed consent on your part for the usage of your data for advertising purposes.
In particular we reserve for ourselves the right to save your first and surname, your postal address and - as far as you disclosed this information within in the framework of the contractual relation – your title, your academic degree, your year of birth and your job title, sector description or trade name in aggregated lists and to use them for our own advertising purposes, for example, for the postal mailings of interesting offers and information about our products. You can at any time object to the storing and usage of your data for these purposes by sending us a note using the below listed contact options.

If you have registered separately for our e-Newsletter then your email address and where appropriate further personal data which you will have submitted voluntarily (i.e. your name) will be used for our own advertising purposes.


4. Cancellation & the right of cancellation
You can of course, at any time for newsletter mailings or other advertisements, object to the further usage of your data for advertisement purposes – and also for data legally obtained without your consent - by notifying us, respectively withdraw an already given consent, especially when stopping newsletters. Send your cancellation directly to one of the contact options which are listed below.
You can of course also use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all of our e-Newsletters and advertising emails.


II. Do you collect my data when I visit your site?

We use so called cookies on our website. Cookies are small files which are stored on your data storage device and which save, via your browser, certain settings and data for a data exchange with our system. The saved date enables us to design the website according to your needs and to provide you with easy usage of our website. For example it prevents you having to enter all your data again at every visit. Session cookies are automatically deleted from your data storage device after each browser session. Some cookies (so called long term cookies) are stored permanently on your data storage device. The expiry period of these cookies is set for a time in the distant future for your convenience. On your next visit our system recognizes that you have visited before and remembers which settings and inputs you prefer. Please note also our information for the usage of cookies regarding social-plugins and web analysis.

Your protection options
Independently of the lifespan of cookies you can delete them manually from your data storage device. Most browsers accept cookies by default. In your security settings you optionally can allow or prevent temporary and stored cookies. Apart from browser settings which generally deactivate the automatic storage of cookies you can also choose browser settings that block cookies of a particular domain, i. e. „“. This setting prevents then the execution of corresponding services which are performed by cookies of this domain.

Some web services work with opt-out cookies. With these stored cookies the web analysis service can recognise that you do not wish data collection. Please remember that, if you delete all cookies, under certain circumstances some settings have to be re-entered.
The acceptance of cookies is no prerequisite for a visit to our online offers. If you deactivate or do not accept cookies then under those circumstances some of the options on offer (for example services and information) are not available to you or some pages will not be displayed properly.
You can find more information about the usage of cookies on the UK government information website for cookies:


2. Web analysis and advertising
You can visit our website without leaving personal information. If you visit our website, and also if you use a link in a newsletter or an advertisement, then certain data is collected and stored. We store only non-personalised access data such as

- the website which you used to get to our website
- the type of browser you use
- the name of your internet service provider
- the name of the requested file
- the products and contents for which our visitors show an interest

and use for this purpose data which is stored via the cookies as explained above. This data will be evaluated for the purpose of improving our offers and services without allowing us access to your personal data. Only if you have given us expressed permission do we store your personal data and use it exclusively for offers and information tailored to your interests.
The data collected without your consent is otherwise evaluated anonymously respectively pseudonymously (i.e. information xy has been accessed by 45% of visitors to the website). With this information we are able to optimise the range of information and to better match the interests of our viewers.

There, where we learn a date, which in theory allows us to draw conclusions about you as person, for instance through your IP address, we have ensured through abbreviation that a back reference to your person is impeded.
If we include third-party content (i.e. videos or other information) these sites will receive solely for that purpose your IP address because otherwise the content cannot be delivered to your browser.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics. This is a service of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics is using cookies. The information produced by cookies (including your IP address) are submitted to the Google server in the USA and stored there. Google observes the US Safe Harbor framework for data protection and is registered with Safe Habor framework of the US Department of Commerce. Google will be using this information and where appropriate transfer to third parties if this is a legal requirement or if third parties process the data on behalf of Google. Google will not connect your IP address with other Google data.
You can prevent the installation of cookies by activating the respective browser software setting; we would like to point out that under some circumstances in this case the functions of our website and the services requested by you may not be fully available to you.

Your protection options
If you do not wish that information about your website visit is transmitted to Google Analytics you can install an “opt-out add-on”.

In addition we have chosen settings, whereby Google Analytics deletes the last part of the IP address of the visitors to our website. As a result we too do not have access to data which allows us to draw conclusions about your personal data.

We will not use tracking tools without your expressed consent to collect, unnoticed by you, personal data, to submit data to third-party-providers or marketing platforms or link data with your personal data (name, address, etc.).


Our website also uses pixel or transparent GIF files to support online advertising. Those gif files are made available by our ad management partner DoubleClick. With these files DoubleClick can recognise a distinct cookie in your browser through which we can determine which website ads a customer clicked to access our website. The cookie was by us or another advertising customer of DoubeClick placed there. The data information jointly collected by us and Spotlight-Technology is anonymous and no persons are identifiable. The information does not contain your name, your address, telephone number or email address. Further information about DoubleClick and how to opt out can be found here:


Google Adwords
As AdWords customer we are using Google Conversion Tracking., an analysis service of Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; „Google“).Google Adwords uses a cookie on your computer (Conversion Cookie), if you have accessed our website via one of the Google adverts. These cookies expire after 30 days. They are not used to identify individuals. If you accessed our website this way then we and Google can see that a link in our advertisement was used. Through this data we learn the total amount of users who clicked on our advert.

Your protection options
Apart from the browser setting which prevents the automatic storage of cookies you can also deactivate the conversion tracking by changing the settings of your browser so that cookies by the domain “” are blocked. You can learn more about Google’s privacy policy by going to


Google Tag Manager
This website uses Google Tag Manager and with its help the website tags of applications such as Google Analytics can be utilised via a user interface. The Google Tag Manager itself (which implements and activates the tags on this website) is a cookie free domain and does not collect personal data. The tool initiates the activating of other tags which under some circumstances are used to collect data. Google Tag Manager does not access this data. If on domain or cookie level a deactivation has taken place then this extends to all tracking tags which have been implemented by the Google Tag Manager.


3. Right of objection regarding usage profile
According to §§ 15 Abs. 3, 13 Abs. 1 TMG you are entitled to object to the creation of user profiles with the usage of pseudonyms. If you have any queries regarding the outlined protection options and our protection measures then you are welcome to get in touch. (Contact details see below).


4.Social Plugins (Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.)
We have installed on our website so called Social-Plugins. These are little programs which link information about your visit to our website to data of your usage of a corresponding Social Media Platform, for example with a Facebook user, and then submit that information to the platform. This applies equally to the Google +1Button of Google+ or the option to send tweets straight from our website to Twitter.

Please note that the data is often stored by service providers which are not located within the EU and are governed by their own corresponding local regulations. We would like to point out that as provider of this website we do not have authoritative knowledge about the contents of the submitted data as well as the usage through the Social Media Platforms. If you would like to protect yourself from data transfer we do recommend in general that you log out from the Social Media Platform before you visit our website.

2 -click”– for all the mentioned plug-ins applies the following:
To give you better control in regards to the usage of your data, the corresponding buttons are at first not active (recognisable by the grey depiction and the mouse-over-hint), when you access this site. Only if you yourself activate the corresponding Social Plugin by clicking on the displayed button will the above outlined connection to the server of the respective Social Plugins be initiated.

If, for example, you are logged in to Facebook (, run by Facebook Ireland Limited Hanover Reach, 5-7 Hanover Quay, Dublin 2 Ireland –"Facebook") and then visit our website your browser will be prompted to establish a connection to the Facebook servers and data, with regard to your Facebook account, will be integrated into our website. Simultaneously Facebook will learn about your visit to our website, the contents (the time and the fact of your visit) you accessed.

The Plugins are identifiable through their corresponding logo (“f like” respectively the “thumb up” sign and / or a note referring to the service). An overview about Facebook Plugins and what they look like you can find here: 

If you activate the function of a Social Plugin, for example by clicking on the “like”- button of Facebook, or you leave a comment or use any other Facebook function, then the initiated action will be transmitted to Facebook and, for the purpose of further usage, stored there, linked to your account and processed by Facebook according to their requirements. For the purpose and extent of the data collection and the further processing and usage of data by Facebook as well as your corresponding rights and configuration options for the protection of your privacy please refer to the privacy policy of Facebook:

If you are not a member of Facebook or you are logged out there still will be the possibility that Facebook gets hold of your IP address and stores it.


5. Customer feedback

Feedback reminder by Trusted Shops
As far as you have given us expressed permission, after placing your order by ticking the corresponding box or used the designated button (“Rate later”) we will submit your email address with the purpose of a reminder to leave feedback for your order to Trusted Shops GmbH, Subbelrather Str. 15c, 50823 Köln, Germany (, so that they will remind you within 10 days of posting your items that you have the option to leave feedback. This consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending a note to one of the below described contact forms (see also Cancellation & the right of cancellation).


III. How do you protect my personal data?

Your personal data will be encrypted when you register as well as when you are ordering. We use the coding system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). We secure our website and other systems via technical and organisational security measures against loss, destruction, access, manipulation and dissemination of data by unauthorised persons. You should always keep your access data safe and close the browser window after you have ended your communication with us, especially if the computer is also used by others.


IV. Credit assessment and scoring

Credit assessment and scoring with Klarna as payment method
If you have chosen the payment service provider Klarna and either Klarna “payment after delivery” or Klarna “pay over time” as payment option, then you have agreed that we obtained and submitted to Klarna the necessary personal data for the purpose of processing the payment via invoice and for an identity and credit assessment including data such as first and surname, address, birthday, gender, email address, telephone number as well as data necessary for processing the order such as the number of ordered items, the item number and the final total and taxes in percentage. The submitting of this data occurs so that Klarna, for the purpose of processing the order, can compile an invoice according to your chosen payment method and can conduct an identity and credit assessment. In doing so Klarna has, according to the Federal Data Protection Act, a legitimate interest in the submitting of personal data of the buyer and needs that data to obtain information from credit agencies for the purpose of an identity and credit assessment. For more information visit:

Within the framework of the decision for a substantiation, execution or termination of a contractual relationship, Klarna obtains, apart from confirming addresses, information about the previous payment behaviour of the buyer as well as the probability values for payment behaviour in the future. The calculation of the score values by Klarna is made based on scientifically accredited mathematical-statistical methods. Amongst other things Klarna will use your address data for that purpose. Should, after the assessment, it transpire that your creditworthiness is not given then Klarna will inform you immediately.

Objections to the usage of personal data by Klarna

1. You can withdraw consent for the usage of personal data by Klarna at any time. However, where appropriate, Klarna might remain entitled to continue to process personal data, to use and to transmit those, in so far this is necessary for the contractual payment processing by Klarnas services or required by law or requested by a court or authority.

2. You can of course have information about your Klarna stored personal data at any time. This right is guaranteed by the Data Protection Act. Should you, as a buyer, wish this or would like to inform Klarna about changes regarding the stored data then you can contact Klarna via their customer service:

V. What rights do I have?

You are entitled to object in each case against the usage of data for advertising purposes and against the creation of user profiles by using pseudonyms.

According to the Data Protection Act you are entitled to an unpaid disclosure about your stored data, the occurrence and the meaning of the probability values, the kind of data used for the calculation in addition to the data collected and respectively stored for that purpose and, if appropriate, a right of correction, blocking or deleting of data. For questions regarding the collection method, processing and usage of personal data and / or for information, correction, blocking or deleting of data please contact us via the contact information below.

VI. To what have I given my consent?

Contacting for promotional usage or for certain data usage you may have given us consent (for example for the newsletter or a service within the framework of the customer login etc.). If you have given us consent then the consent texts are stored with us and can be retrieved. Just contact us at and we will send you the requested information via email.

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