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Natracare Natural Pads Super (14)

Natracare Super-Maxi Pads are thicker than the Ultra pads and very absorbent. Natracare natural pads are free of chlorine bleach, perfume free and contain no optical brighteners.

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  • Manufactured in GREECE
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Product information
The soft, fluffy and absorbent core is made ​​entirely of chlorine-free cellulose which absorbs the menstrual fluid quickly, allowing your skin to breathe and keeping it dry at the same time.
Super-Maxi pads are recommended for medium to heavy bleeding.

The panty liners and pads are free of chlorine bleach and optical brighteners and are available in two different versions. The core consists of an absorbent, plant-based superabsorbent. The surface material is made of skin-friendly cotton.
The pads remain pleasantly dry on the surface and are hardly noticeable.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GREECE
    Manufactured in

cotton (organic), cellulose core, corn starch, Öko-Klebstoff
Property Value
user woman
properties odourless, ohne Chlor, ohne Kunststoffe, vegan, without artificial colourings, without fragrances, without mineral oil, without perfume
smell (odour) neutral odour
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