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Special Diet

Everything you have to know about special diets!

Do you need to avoid certain foods or food additives? Here you can quickly find convenient, safe and tasty alternatives. Purchase plans are available for downloading.

Food is not only vital, but it should also bring you joy and pleasure! But for those who need to keep a diet due to allergies or an intolerance, fun may quickly come to an end - not least because the purchase of suitable food is extremely tedious and time consuming.

PureNature has solutions: Safe and easy shopping

We make shopping easy and safe for you: Simply click on the allergens that you need to avoid such as egg-free or lactose-free and have fun choosing tasty, suitable foods.

Special diet plans

As a further shopping aid we offer the special diet plans for you to print out.>>> So you can put together a shopping list and order without Internet. Also ideal for dietitians!

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Tolerance filter

And if you would like to exclude other ingredients or combinations of ingredients please check out our Tolerance filter. With its help, you can browse the whole shop quickly and safely, because all unsuitable products will be marked with a stop sign.

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Restaurant allergie cards

If you travel abroad our Allergy cards for restaurants may be useful. These allow you to inform the kitchen chef of your allergies to certain foods.

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Important information:
These product lists are created with great care – however, we do suggest examining them yourself to be on the safe side. Our liability is excluded. The specification free refers to the ingredients. For liability reasons, 100% accuracy can not be guaranteed for.