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Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

Electric smog: low frequency, high frequency and static, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields and waves.

There are different groups of fields and waves:

- Electric alternating fields (low frequency) from electric voltage in power lines and electric equipment, even if no electricity is flowing.

- Magnetic alternating fields (low frequency) from running electric devices, wires, appliances, transformers, power suppliers ...

- Electromagnetic waves from broadcasting devices such as television sets, radios, mobile communications, radars, military installations ... as well as some kitchen, gaming and office equipment.

- DC Electric Fields (electrostatic) from screens, synthetic fibres in carpets or curtains, and artificial surface coatings such as certain varnishes or veneers.

- Magnetic DC fields (magnetostatic) through DC from street cars or photovoltaic systems and magnetized metals, usually steel in everyday life.

In recent decades, the influence of electric and magnetic fields in  industrialized countries has greatly increased. Besides the natural field of the earth that results from earth radiation, there are man-made artificially generated electromagnetic fields that play a much larger role and have a much greater significance. These technical fields are almost always much more intense than those natural fields prevailing on our planet.

These technical fields significantly affect the human nervous system and human biorhythm.
For example, various scientific studies found electromagnetic fields to have great influence on the nocturnal emission of the hormone melantonin in the pineal gland. The hormone is formed out of the closed loop of the two enzymes HIOMT and NAT - seratonin-melantonin. NAT seems to have a form that can be suppressed by light, chemicals and electric smog. This diminished nocturnal melantonin emission has been connected to depression (Shafii 1991, Moore-Ede 1992, Boikat 1993), sleep disturbances (SITTLER 1989), fatigue and lethargy (Arendt 1987), disruption of day - night rhythm, and immune deficiency (Mani 1989) as well as other health disorders, even increasing the risk of cancer.

Further studies show, that after elimination of the electromagnetic fields, the natural emission of nocturnal Melantonin increases to a factor of 5-15 and the above symptoms and risks subside (Anderson 1990, Wilson 1986).


Due to their weakened immune system, people with allergies and environmental illnesses react to almost all unnatural disturbances. The person concerned should also do everything possible to reduce the burden caused by electromagnetic fields. This can be done by taking various steps:

In order to start reducing electromagnetic pollution, we recommend you begin in your home. Since these fields are increasingly getting weaker, the necessary safety distance can be easily identified with an electric smog detector.

You can, for example, place your alarm clock a few meters away and reduce the electrical smog to almost 0 nT.

Each electrically operated device generates differently sized electromagnetic fields. Even electricity in wires or cables, whether in the wall or as an exposed connecting cable, generates an electrical field load.

Further measures:
When not in use, unplug or ground appliances.
When buying electrical appliances, pay attention to the possible electromagnetic pollution (for example, use only low-radiation DECT phones, no WLAN router).