Table Lamp, made of beechwood, shielded

A table lamp made of beechwood with a cotton lamp shade. Handmade in Germany

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Product information
The manufacturing of the lamp takes place in Germany. The high quality pieces come from companies which know their craft. The goal is not to throw away durable products - but to design them new or repair. This saves resources for humans and the environment.

Overall height 31cm, diameter base 15 cm,
diameter lamp shade at the bottom 20 cm, at the head 12 cm, height of the lamp shade 15 cm,
Beech wood, turned, metal inner casing,
including bulb G9 33W
Pull switch in metal frame, pull switch with a wooden tie element (ball),
White connection cable (approx. 1,8 m). Protection Class I.

Shielding measures:
Illuminant shield basket against electric alternating field. Illuminant E27, patented stainless steel spring coils
Shade (electric alternating field, 50 Hz-mains voltage)
closed metal housing, metal spring spiral,
screened mains cable (aluminum tape, tracer)

The choice of the lamp
The required use of a light should determine the choice of the illuminant. For a work and reading lamp another light type and intensity is necessary as for a subdued evening or night light. This high-quality light is produced only in Germany and shipped with a illuminant suitable for your use.

General information about shielded lights:
With shielded lights you can about support your daily well-being: The lights are screened against the emissions of electric AC fields. This is achieved through a shielded connection cable, the specifically manufactured housing and the stainless steel screen basket around the illuminant.
Also magnetic alternating fields, which arise in the vicinity of each operated electrical appliance, are reduced significantly by the construction of the light and the shielded connection cable.

Shield Inspections:
TCO'99 (MPR II, DIN prEN 50279)
Extreme value for all measuring procedures by a factor of 10 or more are undershot
Reduction of the magnetic alternating field by twisting power cord until illuminant
cable 10 (ten individual wires per meter twisted against each other)
Power supply wire, shielded, white, 1.8 m angular-safety contact plug according to CEE standard 7/VII, DIN 49441
Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Protection class 1 (with earth wire) to DIN / VDE

All items are tested individually to 100% and from the German manufacturing. Our philosophy: less field burden for you and your health.

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