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Electrosmog High Frequency Meter HF 38B order online

Electrosmog High Frequency Meter HF 38B order online

HF 38B for the analysis of pulsed radiation from mobile phones (GSM, UMTS), cordless phones (DECT), WLAN, Bluetooth or microwave ovens.

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Product information
To determine suitable remediation measures and to control their effectiveness. For measuring high-frequency radiation directly in the unit of the building biology guideline values (in µW/m²). For highly sensitive assessment of the exposure situation.
- Measuring range from 0.01-19990 µW/m² - Simple operation with digital display and sound signal proportional to field strength ("Geiger counter effect").
- Identification of pulsed radiation sources through acoustic analysis by means of a frequency proportional audio signal.

Additional functions to HF32:
+ Identification of pulsed radiation sources through acoustic analysis by means of frequency proportional audio signal. + Peak value and average value display (switchable)
+ Factor 10 more sensitive
+ Improved accuracy, "Hold peak value" - function
+ Sensitive like the professional series

The instrument is supplied with an optimized log-periodic measurement antenna from 800 MHz to 2200 MHz (with slightly increased tolerance up to 3300 MHz (=3.3GHz)), which is optimal for locating radiation sources and thus for determining suitable remediation measures and monitoring their effectiveness. Operation is simplified by the function "Keep peak value". It makes the limit value comparison even more reliable for technical laypersons. Audio analysis can be used to differentiate between, for example, mobile radio (GSM, UMTS), DECT, WLAN, radar and other sources. The even higher sensitivity makes it possible to identify even the smallest radiation sources.

Scope of delivery: Measuring device, pluggable antenna, antenna cable, alkaline manganese battery, detailed operating instructions (German), background information on "electrosmog"

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Audioanalyse: Modulationsfrequenz- und feldstärkeproportionales Tonsignal
aerial size: 25,0 x 18,0 x 12,0 cm
frequency range: 800 MHz - 2,7 GHz
high frequency (mobile communications): ja
measuring range power flux density: 0,01 - 19.990 µW/m²
power supply: 9 V Block
battery life: 6 - 7 Stunden
Display: 3.5 stelliges LCD
measurement accuracy: ± 6 dB
low frequency (domestic electricity): nein
Weight: 490 g
Dimensions l x w x h: 3,2 x 7,4 x 22,5 cm
included in delivery: Messgerät, aufsteckbare Antenne, Antennenkabel, Alkalimanganbatterie, ausführliche Bedienungsanleitung (deutsch), Hintergrundinformationen zum Thema „Elektrosmog“
Auto Power off: ja
sensor: Logarithmisch-periodische Messantenne

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