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Binchotan Activated Carbon Filter Replacement Filter Water in Drinking Bottles

With the Binchotan activated carbon replacement filter you can filter chlorine and other chemicals from tap water in the Eau Good drinking bottle.

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Product information
The Binchotan activated carbon replacement filter fits perfectly into the Eau Good drinking bottle of the designer black + blum, which you can find in the black + blum brand shop. Enjoy clean water without chlorine with a fresh taste at any time & in any place!

Binchotan charcoal is something very special: it is still traditionally made by charcoal burners by hand from Japanese holm oak and used for the purification and mineralization of drinking water. You can simply pour the carbon rod from the packaging into your Eau Good bottle. Please use only tap water for filtering. The filtered water has a much fresher taste after about 1 hour. The best water quality is achieved after approx. 8 hours.

How to reactivate the Binchotan activated carbon filter?
After approx. 3 months of use you should reactivate the activated carbon filter. Boil it in water for about 10 minutes and let it dry well. The Binchotan water filter is then ready for use for another three months!

Please don't throw away...
After about 6 months the Binchotan charcoal in the Eau Good bottle should be replaced with a new charcoal stick. You don't have to throw away the old charcoal, it can be recycled in many ways: plants are supplied with valuable minerals if you crush the Binchotan charcoal and put it into the soil. To absorb unpleasant odours, place the charcoal in the fridge, bathroom or near a cat litter tray, nappy bucket etc.

Contents: 1 piece activated carbon

Binchotan Aktivkohle aus Eichenholz
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    ich habe folgende Fragen zu dem Produkt:
    1. Wie groß ist so eine Binchotan Kohle ?
    2. Wenn man mehr davon bestellt, kann man einen Rabatt erhalten ?

    Ich freue mich auf die Rückmeldung. Vielen Dank im voraus.

    Liebe Grüße

    Die Binchotan Kohle ist 12cm lang. Der Durchmesser variiert
    zwischen 16-20mm. Bitte kontaktieren Sie den Kundenservice zwecks genauer Abnahmemenge
    für einen Rabatt.

    Ihr PureNature Team

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