BANALE Pollution Face Mask with Activated Carbon Filter

Coloured pollution face mask by BANALE. Filters PM2.5 particulate matter, pollen, germs, PM10 ✔ With exchangeable activated carbon filter & valve ✔

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  • Manufactured in ITALY
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Product information
Offers reliable protection from particulates, pollen and air pollution
Cities are increasingly polluted by particulate matter causing serious health problems. The Italian BANALE designers developed the trendy pollution face mask made from a special non-woven material and activated carbon. The FFP2 particle mask with valve by BANALE protects from PM2.5 particulate matter which is especially widespread in urban settings. The colourful elastic bands allow varying ways of wearing the mask which ensures a safe and tight fit. Activities in cities such as biking are much healthier with a mask for cycling. The mask for cycling features various colours and the elastic bands are available either in bright reflective colours for increased visibility during jogging or biking or in more muted tones for daily use when walking the dog or on public transport on the way to work. Choose the activated carbon air filter mask in a trendy colour that matches your style and enjoy freedom from pollen, pollutants and germs.

Advantages of the BANALE pollution face mask
  • Developed for a healthy urban lifestyle
  • Filters pollen, PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter
  • Easy breathing because of valve
  • With nose strip for tight fitting to nasal bridge
  • Held with adjustable elastic bands, does not slip
  • For bikers, cyclists, joggers and asthma sufferers
  • Filter with activated carbon is exchangeable, outer mask is washable
  • Available in many trendy colours

Enjoy life in the city with protection from PM2.5
Depending on weather and traffic, air pollution in urban settings can reach dangerously high and health threatening levels. To protect oneself with an activated carbon air filter mask can make all the difference. It is the patented BANALE design that gives the pollution face mask that excellent comfortable fit making it the perfect choice for asthma and allergy sufferers. Especially in the colder time of year, a winter face mask for asthma can help to mitigate symptoms. Joggers often face the problem that cold air makes running in winter painful and in asthma sufferers it can trigger an attack. The running mask for cold weather allows an enjoyable outdoor life in winter while protecting from city smog. The activated carbon filter is exchangeable and the outer mask washable so that you have always the optimum protection, in winter from the cold, in spring and summer from pollen and all year round from particulate matter and other pollutants. The BANALE particle mask adds quality to your outdoor life.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in ITALY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 6,5 x 11 x 4 cm
Weight: 50 g
washable: Handwäsche
General Data
Activated carbon: ja
exhalation valve: ja
filter material: Aktivkohle, Polypropylen
protection level particles: FFP2

polyester, Filz, polypropylene, activated charcoal from coconut shells
Property Value
respiratory mask types particulate & odour filter mask
filtering purpose , animal hair & hair, bacteria, Feinstaub, house dust, particle, pollen
no filtering of chemicals, hazardous substance, viruses, VOC or solvents
range of application Allergie, bicycle, sport & training, in transit & travel, smog & particulate matter, stables & pet environment, waste sorting
care instructions Handwäsche
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