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Biotta Wellness Week for Purifying Juice Treatment

Buy the Biotta Wellness Week for a beneficial juice cure! 11 x Organic Direct Juice, Flax Seed, Herbal Tea & Biotta Wellness Week Instructions.

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  • CH-BIO-006 Öko-Kontrollstelle
  • Manufactured in SWITZERLAND
    Manufactured in
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Product information
Donate yourself a wellness juice week
Need a break? Are you planning a change in diet? Or would you simply like to do something good for yourself? With the Biotta Wellness Week juice cure you have everything you need for your personal well-being week. Eleven natural direct juices support your body in purifying and ensure that you feel good all round. A carefully selected herbal tea and linseed complement the organic juices optimally. The Biotta Wellness Week Package has been put together under consideration of modern nutritional and physiological aspects.

The juice cure package contains everything you need for your personal wellness week:

11 Direct fruit and vegetable juices:
3 x 500 ml Biotta Wellness
2 x 500 ml Biotta Vita7
2 x 500 ml Biotta tomato < br> 2 x 500 ml Biotta vegetable garden
2 x 500 ml prunes < br> dried plums 1 packet of organic linseed
75 g organic herbal tea mixture from eight different herbs

Detailed instructions on how to carry out the wellness week and many interesting tips round off the package.

The Biotta juices are:
  • 100% Bio
  • 100% directly pressed juice
  • without artificial additives and without added sugar (naturally contained in sugar)
  • optimally stored in oxygen-tight glass bottles
  • produced from fair trade raw materials
Here the juices in detail:

Wellness, the direct juice cocktail of fruits, vegetables and whey:
Immediately after the harvest, the fresh fruits and vegetables are pressed for this delicious juice. The wellness juice contains the following ingredients: Pear juice, pear pulp, orange juice, carrot juice, pineapple juice, whey, beetroot juice.
Juice from 733 g fruit & vegetables. Contains Lactose.

Vita 7, the direct juice from 7 fruits, vegetables and whey:
For more than 20 years, 7 finely balanced natural cloudy juices have been convincing in this recipe in Vita 7 Juice. By the way, an excellent source of vitamin C! The ingredients: Orange juice, carrot juice, banana puree, apple juice, pineapple juice, whey, grape juice, sea buckthorn pulp, beetroot and lemon juice.
Juice from 764 g fruit & vegetables. Contains Lactose.

Tomato, the direct juice of fruity tomatoes, lemon and a pinch of sea salt:
A dash of lemon and a hint of sea salt round off the organic tomato juice to sensational taste. It tastes delicious chilled as well as slightly warmed as soup, which you can season with fresh herbs as you like. Juice from 6 tomatoes.
For diabetics suitable, vegan.

Vegetable cocktail, the direct juice with fine herbs and a pinch of sea salt:
The tasty vegetable cocktail direct juice also serves as a warming substitute for soups on cooler days. Or enjoy it pure as a nutritious drink on a juice day. The ingredients of the vegetable cocktail: tomatoes, carrots, celery, beetroot, aromatic herbs, sea salt. Juice from 640 g vegetables. Contains celery. Vegan.

Digest plum, the direct juice from fruity plums, fruits and tea:
A delicious blend of aromatic plum juice, fine fruit juices and soothing herbal tea. The fibre it contains can have a positive effect on digestion. The digestive direct juice contains the following ingredients: Plum juice, apple juice, grape juice, fig extract, aronia juice, lemon juice, herbal tea extract.
Juice from 800 g fruits. Vegan.

Bio herbal tea:
The organic herbal tea specially prepared for the Biotta Wellness Week contains lime blossom, chamomile, verbena, peppermint, fennel, rose hips and marigolds.
Preparation Pour 1 litre of boiling water over 2 tablespoons and let simmer for 10 minutes.
Organic linseed: The seeds of flax contain mucilage, which in combination with water swells in the intestine and thus stimulates digestion.

Is the Biotta Wellness Week the right thing for me?
The Wellness Week can be performed by all healthy adults. Perhaps you would like to inspire friends, family members or acquaintances to spend a juice week together! If you are diabetic, please carry out the wellness week only under medical supervision. During pregnancy and breastfeeding you should refrain from the Wellness Week.

Manufacturer details

Manufactured in Switzerland
Biotta AG, Pflanzbergstr. 8, CH-8274 Tägerwilen

Country of origin
  • CH-BIO-006 Öko-Kontrollstelle
  • Manufactured in SWITZERLAND
    Manufactured in

Allergy relevant information
  • Ballaststoffquelle
  • Fettarm
  • ohne Eier
  • ohne Erdnüsse
  • ohne Fisch
  • ohne Geschmacksverstärker
  • ohne glutenhaltige Getreide
  • ohne Hefe
  • ohne Knoblauch
  • ohne Konservierungsstoffe
  • ohne Krebstiere
  • ohne künstliche Aromen
  • ohne künstliche Farbstoffe
  • ohne Lupine
  • ohne Mais
  • ohne Mandeln
  • ohne Nüsse
  • ohne Palmöl
  • ohne Salzzusatz
  • ohne Schalenfrüchte
  • ohne Schwefel
  • ohne Senf
  • ohne Sesam
  • ohne Soja
  • ohne Weichtiere
  • ohne Weizen
  • ohne Zuckerzusatz
  • Vegetarisch
  • wheys
  • celery
orange*, carrots*, pears* (15%), pineapple*, wheys* (10%), beetroot*, lemon juice concentrate*, tomatoes*, lemon juice* (1%), sea salt (0.5%), banana* (13%), apple juice*, grape juice concentrate*, sallow thorn berries*, celery*, Säuerungsmittel: Milchsäure, herbs (organic)*, plums (certified organic)* (29%), herbal tea extract* (21%), figs (certified organic)* (10%), aronia berries, fennel*, lime blossoms*, rose hip*, chamomile, peppermint leaves, Zitronengras*, verbena extract, calendula*, flaxseed*
Allergenic ingredients are highlighted in bold.
Ingredients marked with * are from organic farming.
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