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FiniGrana peeling soap Terra Rossa against impure skin

Natural cosmetic peeling soap without microplastics for face mask & peeling with impure skin ❀ With Terra Rossa clay - absorbs excess skin fat ✔

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200g (€2.48 / 100 g)

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Product information
Facial cleansing for all skin types
FiniGrana Peeling Soap cleans very gently and thoroughly. It removes excess oil from the skin without drying it out. The effect is based on the combination of skin caring Aleppo soap with the deep cleansing of fine, red clay. The fine clay additionally supplies the skin with important minerals and trace elements. For blackheads, acne and skin impurities, clay soap helps to improve the appearance of the skin. Excess fat is bound without drying out the skin, so Terra Rossa Facial Soap cares for impure skin and stabilizes the skin's own fat regulation.

Mild foam for peeling and mask
To use, foam and apply some Aleppo Terra Rossa soap. For peeling, massage gently with circular movements. For a stronger effect, let the soap act like a face mask in addition. Afterwards rinse with lukewarm water.

FiniGrana peeling soap for natural facial care
  • With Aleppo soap and 30 % red clay
  • For sensitive and blemished skin
  • Supplies the skin with minerals
  • Nurtures with vegetable oils
  • Bonds excess fat
  • Vegan and environmentally friendly
For oily skin ideally suited
The peeling soap has a regulating effect on the lipid balance of the skin, as the slightly refattening Terra Rossa Aleppo soap protects the face and oily skin from drying out. The facial skin is thus not additionally stimulated to produce excess skin fat. Tip: Every skin is different. Shorten or lengthen the application time and experiment with the frequency of peelings. Let your skin guide you. It should not feel dry at all.

Allergy info
Thanks to the moisturizing effect and the mildness of the soap, it is excellent for sensitive skin and people with allergies.

sodium olivate (saponified olive oil), glycerine, clay, Aqua, Sodium laurelate
Property Value
skin type für jeden Hauttyp, Mischhaut, Männer Haut, normale Haut, reife Haut, sensible Haut, unreine Haut
organic cosmetics Kontrollierte Naturkosmetik
need Hautunreinheiten lindern, Reinigen
user Frau, Mann, Unisex
properties ohne Alkohol, ohne Benzoate, ohne Benzylalkohol, ohne Bienenwachs, ohne Duftstoffe, ohne Hormone, ohne künstliche Farbstoffe, ohne Laktose, ohne Lanolin, ohne Mikroplastik, ohne Mineralöl, ohne Nanopartikel, ohne Palmöl, ohne Parabene, ohne Parfum, ohne PEG, ohne Pfefferminze, ohne Silikone, ohne Soja, ohne Tierversuche, ohne Zitronensäure, ohne ätherische Öle, Vegan
smell (odour) Duft (äth. Öle)
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