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Kingfisher Organic Toothpaste with Baking Soda for Whiter Teeth

Kingfisher Organic Toothpaste with Baking Soda for Whiter Teeth

Fresh breath and whiter teeth with Kingfisher Organic Toothpaste with Sodium. Vegan & gluten-free, without fluorides ✔ For naturally beautiful teeth.

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  • Manufactured in UNITED KINGDOM
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Product information
Toothpaste that makes teeth whiter
Nature has everything you need for beautiful, well-kept teeth. The toothpaste without sodium fluoride contains only natural ingredients from organic cultivation. Gently with Baking Soda and chalk cleaning bodies, the baking soda toothpaste, which makes teeth whiter , provides for radiant smiles. The teeth are gently removed from unsightly plaque and discoloration. With real peppermint, spearmint and fennel from controlled organic cultivation, Kingfisher Organic Toothpaste ensures fresh breath.

The organic toothpaste from Kingfisher at a glance
  • With baking soda and chalk cleaning agents
  • Without artificial colours or flavouring
  • Gentle removal of unsightly coatings
  • Without sweeteners, fluorides or aluminium
  • suited for vegetarians and vegans
  • gluten-free, salicylate-free and controlled biological

For a very natural smile
Only the best natural ingredients are used for the baking soda toothpaste and processed according to a carefully developed recipe. Kingfisher received the BDHF APPROVAL, a seal of quality from the International Healthcare Foundation, for its organic toothpaste. It confirms that Satron toothpaste from Kingfisher makes a valuable contribution to oral hygiene. The toothpaste does not contain sodium fluoride. When brushing teeth daily, it contributes naturally to whitening teeth.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in UNITED KINGDOM
    Manufactured in

glycerine, sodium bicarbonate, Aqua, calcium carbonate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, cellulose gum, menta piperita, mentha viridis, limonene
Allergenic ingredients are highlighted in bold.
Property Value
need cleansing
user man, unisex, woman
properties ohne Gluten, vegan, without alcohol, without animal testing, without artificial colourings, without benzoate, without benzyl alcohol, without citric acid, without fluoride, without hormones, without lactose, without micro beads, without mineral oil, without nanoparticles, without palm oil, without parabens, without PEG, without perfume, without soya, without zinc oxides
smell (odour) mild scent
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