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AlmaWin Eco Scouring Sponge with Steel Wool & Nut Soap

The 3 in 1 Scouring Sponge by AlmaWin is the perfect eco cleaning tool for the whole house ❀ GNO free ✔ Vegan & biodegradable ✔ 2 pack.

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
The 3 in 1 eco sponge with wash-nut soap
The AlmaWin eco scouring sponge is ready to use from the word go. The heavy-duty sponge consists of 3 layers and already contains already the soap. The clever design makes the eco sponge an all-rounder. The heavy-duty part is made of steel wool which is great for stubborn stains on stainless steel pans and oven. This part is also packed with wash-nut soap for chemical free cleaning. The middle is a sponge material made from 70% sunflower oil, which holds water and is absorbent. The top layer is a soft green cotton fleece meant for surfaces which are susceptible to scratches. This is not only a sponge for washing dishes but for all cleaning chores around the house.

The advantages of the AlmaWin Eco Scouring Sponge
  • Three layered for different tasks
  • Steel wool filled with soap nut soap
  • Can be refilled with soap
  • Organic certified, sustainable and vegan
  • 2-piece pack in eco-friendly packaging

What makes a sponge natural?
AlmaWin ensured that the eco scouring sponge was produced as sustainably as possible using renewable resources. It has been produced without cruelty to animals and is one of PureNature’s vegan cleaning products. The packaging is made of FSC certified cardboard and the foam material is OEKO-TEX certified. The 2 multipurpose household sponges can be used almost anywhere from garden furniture to glass ceramic hob, bath tub, wood burner glass door to pots and pans.

More sustainable cleaning products by AlmaWin and wash-nut soap for refilling the sponge are available from the PureNature online shop.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in

Sonnenblumenöl, stainless steel, soapnut, tenside anionic, tenside not ionic
Property Value
application Allzweckreiniger
ingredients ohne Alkohol, ohne Chlor, ohne Duftstoffe, ohne EDTA, ohne Enzyme, ohne Erdölprodukte, ohne Farbstoffe, ohne Gentechnik, ohne Konservierungsstoffe, ohne Palmöl, ohne Phosphate
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