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Fissler Finecut Hand Food Chopper for Blending Fruit & Herbs

Fissler Finecut hand food chopper for finely cut onions without tears ❀ The multi-talented mini processor for blending, spin drying & sauce making ✔

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
The Fissler Finecut - a multi-talented kitchen tool
The hand food chopper by Fissler means you require less kitchen tools because it combines several functions. Cutting fruit, shredding vegetables, spinning dry herbs and chopping are easy tasks for the food processor mini. No electricity is needed so the food processor mini is perfect for self-catering holidays and Camping trips. The lid is cleaned by wiping it with a moist cloth. Everything else is dishwasher proof.

Easy to use in so many ways
Just put fruit, which is washed and cut to chunks, vegetables or fresh herbs into the Finecut by Fissler and pull the pullback. The handle of the pullback fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to operate. Depending on how finely you like your food to be cut or chopped, you operate the pullback 5 to 20 times. With every pull the food becomes more finely chopped.

The advantages of the Fissler Finecut hand food chopper
  • Works without electricity and is easy to use
  • Combines many functions and can be used for storage
  • Perfect mini blender for baby food
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher proof
  • Takes up very little space

A kitchen tool for many different types of meals
Cooking with herbs is healthy and tasty. Spin dry fresh herbs and chop them as finely as you like and they will add flavour and vitamins to meals. Blending gazpacho or delicious homemade tomato sauces is quick and easy with the Fissler Finecut. You can prepare your own organic baby food in small, fresh portions every day. The mini blender for baby food saves money and time. Included with the Fissler hand food chopper comes a plastic lid which turns the finecut into a sealable container to keep your salads, herbs, soups and sauces fresh. Also included with the chopper are a blender insert, a spatula and a spin dry basket.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Weight: 0,5 kg
Dimensions: (LxBxH) 13,5x13,5x13 cm, Ø 12 cm, 0,9 L

synthetics, stainless steel
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