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Quattro Stagioni Glass Bottles with Lids for Self-Made Juice

Quattro Stagioni Glass Bottles with Lids for Self-Made Juice

Decorative glass bottles with lids. Perfect when making your own juice or lemonade or for serving cool drinks in summer. Easy to clean and refill ✔

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  • Manufactured in ITALY
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Product information
Glass bottles with lids for juice and sauces
The Bormioli Rocco bottle makes work easy and quick when making your own juice or soy milk. The 1 L glass bottles for juicing is suitable for pasteurisation. The functional Italian design adds beautiful vintage decoration to your apple or tomato juice. The Quattro Stagioniglass bottles for juicing are also fantastic to store self-made soy milk in fridge or pantry. The 1 L glass water containers with the ornamental Quattro Stagioni script is also perfect as table decoration.

Advantages of the Quattro Stagioni glass bottles with lids
  • The bottles with twist off lids keep juice fresh
  • Wide opening, easy to fill
  • 1 litre capacity, can be sterilised
  • Spare lids available
  • Suitable for pasteurising juice and sauces

Functional Italian design combined with Mediterranean retro chic
Serve your self-made soy milk at breakfast in the Quattro Stagioni bottle. Orange juice, too, looks appetising when served freshly pressed in these glass bottles with lids. Use them for juice or as glass water containers with airtight twist off lids. There are many practical food storage applications for the decorative Quattro Stagioni bottle.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in ITALY
    Manufactured in
Diameter: Öffnung: 5 cm
Dimensions: (HxB) 22,5 x 8 cm

glass, metal
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