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Niegeloh Topinox tweezers pointed - Precise removal of splinters

Niegeloh Topinox tweezers pointed - Precise removal of splinters

Nickel-free tweezers pointed and sharp ✔ Niegeloh Topinox Series surgical stainless steel tweezers - nickel-free, sterilizable Ϭ Suitable as splinter tweezers for nickel allergy.

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
Drag splitter without problems: Niegeloh tweezers pointed
During housework, gardening or outdoor excursions, a splinter of wood, metal or glass is quickly in the hand or finger. Niegeloh has specially designed the 9 cm long tweezers pointed and extra sharp for this purpose. If necessary, it penetrates the skin to pull the splinter into the skin. This allows you to easily remove even the most pointed wood or metal splinters and foreign objects from your skin. The tweezers for splinters are made of nickel-free stainless steel and are suitable for people with nickel allergies. Advantages of the Niegeloh Topinox forceps pointed
  • Ideal for craftsmen and parents of small children
  • Produced from Stainless Surgeon Stainless Steel
  • Topinox - Suitable for nickel allergy
  • long-term professional quality
  • Extra pointed and sharp
  • Sterilizable, disinfectable
  • 9 cm long

Point tweezers for splitters made of stainless steel nickel-free
The Niegeloh Tweezers pointed is suitable as "first aid tweezers" for craftsmen to remove wood and metal splinters. Remove splinters from your child if he or she has contracted a splinter while playing outdoors.

Hygienic and accurate pulling of splinters
In the beauty area, the pointed tweezers remove ingrown hair with precision. Use the Niegeloh tweezers to pull pointed splinters and other foreign objects out of the skin easily and precisely. Hygiene is always ensured because the Surgical steel splinter tweezers can be sterilized and disinfected.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
length: 11 cm

stainless steel
Property Value
user man, unisex, woman
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