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Allermed CA50 Pre-filter for Particles, Animal Hair and Dus

Allermed CA50 Pre-filter for Particles, Animal Hair and Dus

Allermed air purifier replacement filter made from non-woven fabric. Used by allergy and MCS sufferers. Pre-filter requires changing along with main filter.

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Product information
Guarantees longer product life for the main filter
If a room is especially dusty or if space is shared with pets then a timely change of the Allermed pre-filter is recommended. The particle filter protects the main filter cartridge material. In this way the air purifier produces clean air for longer. The pre-filter for particles, dust and animal hair is made of a special non-woven fabric and is placed around the main filter cartridge. Depending on the model of the large Allermed air purifier, the Permaflit particle pre-filter material can be cut to size.

Advantages of the pre-filter for the Allermed CA50
  • Coarse dust, pollens, mould and animal hair are filtered out
  • The main filter cartridge lasts longer because it is protected from contamination
  • Compatible with all models of the Allermed CA50 and the Austin Air Healthmate
  • Can be cut to size for smaller cartridge versions
  • Easy, no fuss exchange
  • Special nonwoven fabric, odourless

How often should I change the pre-filter?
The frequency in which the Permaflit particle filter should be changed depends on the amount of dust and on the number of birds, cats, dogs and other furry creatures living in the house. People with allergies and asthma should change the pre-filter of the Allermed air purifier more frequently. A seasonal change is recommended to reduce allergy triggers such as dust mites and pollens. Largely it depends on the personal circumstances and on how often the air purifier is in use but generally it can be said that the pre-filter should be changed every 6 months.

Please note: Experts advise against washing the filter. The pre-filter can be disposed of in domestic waste bins.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in USA
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 133 x 34 cm
length: 133,0 cm
width: 34,0 cm
General Data
Activated carbon: nein
Filter change: 36 Monate
prefilter: ja
filter number: 1
HEPA filter: nein

Property Value
filter technology Vorfilter
filtering purpose animal hair & hair, house dust
no filtering of bacteria, chemicals, CO2, odours, viruses
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