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Römertopf ® Multi-functional Baker (round)

The new round Römertopf Multi-functional Baker for juicy, aromatic dihes rich in nutrients and vitamins.

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Product information
Vegetables, fish, meat or desserts from the original RÖMERTOPF®: The culinary delights are prepared in tested and proven design.

For generations, the original RÖMERTOPF® is a favorite cooking utensil in which food is not only very tasty, but prepared in a healthy way and can be served directly from the pot.

As of now the oven is no longer the choice of means when it comes to preparing food in the Römertopf. As of recently, the popular roaster made from natural clay, classically oval, is now available in round which perfectly fits in the microwave. Römertopf has listened and reacted to the wish of many consumers, who would like to combine the proven benefits of healthy, vitamin and aroma-saving cooking with the advantages of a rapid and time-saving food preparation.

Up tp now the Multi-functional Baker was only suitable for the oven, because of its oval shape and the size. Now you can prepare or warm up the meals with the new round Römertopf easily and time saving in the microwave. With a capacity volume of one and a half to two kilograms the round roasting dish is suited for servings for two to four people. Also in the single kitchen the new round roasting dish will do a competent job, because it can do even more: For example, keep your food fresh for two to three days in the refrigerator - space-saving due to the practical form.

To warm up in the microwave just hold the lid briefly under running water, so the pores of the clay can soak up the water and release the moisture again when cooking.

Your prepared dishes will be especially juicy and can be served directly from the elegant roasting dish - and the clay dish keeps your meal warm for a long time because the thick-walled Römertopf made of natural clay is also an excellent heat reservoir - much better than glass or porcelain.

The new roasting dish has all the typical advantages of the Römertopf. Its natural moisture content ensures a gentle cooking of the dishes without drying out, and most meals can be prepared without using fat.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: ca. Ø 20 x 16 cm (Ø 23 mit Deckel)

natural clay
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  • Römertopf Bräter rund für 2 kg Braten, 2 bis 4 Personen, 32,95 Euro
    Würde in den Römertopf Bräter rund für 2 kg Braten auch ein Hähnchen passen? Gibt es auch ein Rezeptheft zu dem Topf?

    selbstverständlich können Sie auch ein größenmäßig entsprechend ausgewähltes Hähnchen darin garen. 
    Es gibt im PureNature Römertopf Shop außerdem noch einen speziellen Hähnchenbräter. 

    Viele Grüße, Ihr PureNature Team 
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