Table Lamp, shielded

A table lamp with stable heavy foot and a light rod with flexible metal tube. Completely shielded, variable adjustment as required.
Reflector made of handcrafted flashed glass.

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  • Manufactured in GERMANY
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Product information
Lampshade: Ø 7,5 cm x 11 cm
Illuminant included G9/33 W
Dimensions: height including shade about 68 cm (stretched)
Diameter of the base: approximately 18 cm. 3 years warranty.

Cord intermediate switch, bipolar, shielded mains cable, 2m elbow-protective ground contact-plug according to CEE standard 7/VII, DIN 49441.
Closed metal housing, shielded main cable, shielded illuminant.

The choice of the lamp
The required use of a light should determine the choice of the illuminant. For a work and reading lamp another light type and intensity is necessary as for a subdued evening or night light. This high-quality light is produced only in Germany and shipped with a illuminant suitable for your use.

General directions for shielded lights:
With shielded lights you can contribute every day to your well being: the lights are shielded against the emission of electric AC fields. This is achieved through a shielded access line, the specially manufactured housing and the stainless steel lamp shade basket around the illuminant.
Because of design and the shielded access line even magnetic alternating fields, which emerge in the vicinity of each electrical appliance, are greatly diminished.

Shield Inspections:
TCO'99 (MPR II, DIN prEN 50279)
Extreme value for all measuring procedures by a factor of 20 or more are undershot
Reduction of the magnetic alternating field by twisting power cord until illuminant - cable 10 (ten individual wires per meter twisted against each other)
Power supply wire, shielded, white, 2m angular-safety contact plug according to CEE standard 7/VII, DIN 49441
Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Protection class 1 (with earth wire) to DIN / VDE
Inspection, test mark: 100% according to EN 60 320 / 2.2, CE, F

All items are tested individually to 100% and from the German manufacturing. Our philosophy: less field burden for you and your health.
Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in

glass, stainless steel
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