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Vega Wall Paint White

Vega Wall Paint White

The Vega wall colour from Kreidezeit with vegetable casein is a wall and ceiling paint for indoor use.

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Product information
The color is low-odour and contains Italian marble flour for a harmonious white tone.
Can be used on wallpaper, as well as over old paints, plasters, bricks, plasterboard, etc. The color is diffusible and thus particularly good for the general climate.
Other advantages: high covering power, especially white because of the marble flour, mould-repellent, without preservatives, ecological and very yielding.

Vegetable casein comes from legumes (legumes), protein collected from plants such as peas, corn, beans or lupines. The binder principle corresponds exactly with the milk casein colour. The plant protein becomes a protein glue due to soda.

Advantages of vegetable casein wall color:

• Easier to handle:

vegetable casein has better water retention than milk casein. The colors are smoother and easier to roll.

Extremely low-odour:
vegetable casein has a light odour when working with it, but it is very descent and smells quite natural like nuts and grass. After it is dry it is neutral smelling.

Vega colour is smudge and abrasion-resistant. Colour can be toned with the colour pigments.
Range: 35 m².

marble powder, lime hydrate, kaoline, sodium carbonate, casein vegetable basis, chalk, methylcellulose
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