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alarm clock jars 290 ml - 6 pieces economy pack - RR 80 with lid

The economy pack contains 6 ovenproof alarm clock jars 290 ml with lid to bake bread in the alarm clock jar, preserve jam & for further ideas! Buy now ▻.

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Product information

Lintel jars set for baking and for preserving

The beautifully designed 290 ml alarm jars are used all year round, not only during the canning season. For boiled fruit, antipasti or dessert, the size corresponds to one serving for one person. Small soups or delicate starters can be perfectly prepared, stored and heated in them. Food is eaten directly from the glass. The jar is stable, can be sterilized and withstands temperatures. Suitable for water bath, microwave or in the oven,


Advantages of the alarm jars 290 ml in a economy pack

  • Air-tight sealable with preserving rubber and staples
  • Sechs Weck tumblers with lid, round edge 80
  • Versatile for stock keeping and baking
  • Ovenproof, dishwasher-safe, cold-resistant
  • suitable for immersion in water
  • Hygienic, without plastic, BPA free

Bake in a jar for bread Take alarm jars 290 ml

Bake your own small brown bread in a jar and you will be thrilled. The WECK tumblers 290 ml have a pleasant size for baking bread in a jar. On a buffet or when eating with friends, homemade brown bread is a tasty change.

Tips for baking bread in a jar from the PureNature kitchen
After the bread dough has been prepared, each WECK tumbler is greased and sprinkled with grains, spices or oat flakes. This is the kitchen trick so that the small, crispy breads can later easily come out of the tumbler. The heat-resistant warming jars 290 ml are placed in the oven with the lid loosely placed on them.

When the fragrant bakery products come out of the oven, quickly place a rubber between the lid and the jar and close each WECK tumbler 290 ml with clips. The cooling process creates a vacuum which preserves the small breads. The tapered lintel jars allow easy removal of your brown bread in the jar . With the economy pack, which contains six 290 ml alarm jars with lids, you have a small supply of homemade bread that you can access at any time.

Discover online at PureNature the variety of alarm clocks, the numerous shapes and sizes. The range leaves you plenty of scope for unusual recipes, clever decoration ideas and preserving fruit, fruit and vegetables.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
Dimensions: 290 ml: H 8,7 cm, Ø 8 cm

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