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Blueair HealthProtect 7740i Hepa Filter Air Purifier

Hepa filter air purifier Blueair Health Protect 7740i - for rooms up to 62 m² ✔ With virus filter, Regulates filter performance automatically according to air pollution level ✔

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Product information
Aesthetic, efficient, innovative
. One of the best hepa filter air purifiers against bacteria, viruses, allergens and gaseous substances in indoor air. The HealthProtect 7740i air purifier with virus filter is ideal for large rooms, open living spaces, practice waiting rooms or offices.

. Advantages of the HealthProtect air purifier virus filter
  • For large rooms up to 62 m²
  • .
  • With casters for easy movement
  • .
  • Cable rewind for power cords
  • .
  • At least 5x air exchange in the room
  • .
  • Sensors for pollutant measurement
  • Bacteria in the air are killed
. NEW: Patented HEPASilent Ultra filter system
. The new Blueair filter system is the further development of HEPASilent technology with additional GermShield technology against bacteria and viruses. The electrostatic and mechanical filtration in the air purifier virus filter enables a reduction of bacteria by -99% and removes viruses, dust, pollen, pet dander, pet dander, mold spores, VOCs and odors from indoor air.

Bacteria reduction even in standby mode
. Even when the Blueair HealthProtect 7740i Hepa Filter Air Purifier is turned off in standby, GermShield technology monitors bacteria growth in the room and turns back on automatically when needed. This innovation allows you to rest assured that your family or co-workers are breathing clean, bacteria-free air.

. Blueair SmartFilter
. The filters of the Blueair HealthProtect 7740i Hepa Filter air purifier are equipped with a combination of particulate filter and activated carbon for gaseous substances. The innovative filter is in constant contact with the air purifier and thus controls the optimal fan speed based on the filter used. Furthermore, the filter change is computer calculated and shown in the display or on the app. The interval for the filter change can vary depending on the duration of use and pollutant load. Under normal conditions, the change is scheduled every 12 months. Filter change is easy and hygienic in the Hepa Filter air purifier due to the new sophisticated V-design. Inserted in the air purifier like a funnel, the filters are folded shut like a book when pulled out, trapping any dirt and bacteria on the inside.

. Scandinavian design - timeless and modern
. The clear design, the robust and reliable technology, packed in a matte white metal housing are among the special features of the premium air purifier virus filter. The slim air purifier requires little space in the room and is very easy to move due to built-in rollers. The fan motor was developed in Sweden, for especially quiet operation with only 27 dB(A) and low power consumption. The Hepa filter air purifier is therefore also popular for bedrooms, offices and in medical practices.

. Keep track
. The HealthProtect 7740i air purifier virus filter has a display with colored bars for optical representation of air quality, which glow from blue to red depending on the degree of pollution. Furthermore, a digital display with accurate percentages for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particle sizes in microns is integrated.

. Intuitive operation
. The Blueair HealthProtect 7740i HEPA filter air purifier is controlled via automatic mode. Based on the data from the sensor, the HEPA filter air purifier regulates the speed automatically, depending on the degree of pollution. Of course, they can also control the air purifier virus filter manually with the levels 0, 1, 2 and 3 via the intuitive display.

. Blueair App for even more features
. Use the free app control from Blueair like a remote control. It provides you with more useful features. Check the air quality in the room on the app or set the child lock. Through the app, you can activate the automatic or night mode, view the filter change indicator with countdown, as well as other conveniences.

. SpiralAir™ lets clean air reach anywhere in the room
. The patented technology of the Hepa Filter air purifier. was developed by Blueair in Sweden. It allows more air to flow into every corner of the room through ingenious air ducts. The air distributes very quickly in omnidirectional 360° angle throughout the room, so you can breathe clean, healthy and bacteria-free air everywhere thanks to the air purifier virus filter.

. Low power consumption
. In normal operation, the Blueair HealthProtect 7470i HEPA room air filter requires only 9 watts, and 72 watts of electricity at the highest motor level.

Take advantage of the expertise of the PureNature air purifier experts and get expert advice without obligation.

Scope of supply
Air purifier against viruses with HEPA / activated carbon SmartFilter for max. 62 m² room size, 230 volt power cable, operating instructions.

length: 34 cm
Weight: 19,2 kg
included in delivery: 1 Luftreiniger, 1 SmartFilter
width: 34 cm
Room size: bis 62 m²
Housing: Metall, Kunststoff
height: 85,5 cm
air outlet: 360°
air intake: Seitlich
General Data
Filter change: alle 6 - 12 Monate
prefilter: ja
total separation efficiency: 99,97% >0,1 Mikron analog HEPA13
Activated Carbon Filter: ja
plasma filter: ja
CADR pollen: 735 m³/h
CADR smoke: 735 m³/h
CADR dust: 675 m³/h
Filter fineness: 0,1 Mikron
filter change indicator: ja
HEPA filter: ja
remote control: über App
air quality sensor: ja
Smartphone Steuerung: ja
day- / night mode: ja
child safety lock: über App
timer: ja
WLAN-fähig: ja
energy consumption: 9 - 72 Watt
power control: Manuell, Automatik
power settings: 1 - 2 - 3 - Auto - Night
Volume level 2: 27 - 55 dB(A)
Volts: 230
casters: ja

Property Value
filter technology Vorfilter / HEPA / Plasma / Aktivkohle
room size 51 - 110 m²
filtering purpose Ammoniak, Bakterien, Feinstaub, Formaldehyd, Gase (VOC), Gerüche (WC, Küche), Gräser, Gülle, Hausstaub, Hausstaubmilben /-kot, Haustier Allergene, Lösungsmittel, Toluol, Benzol, Ozon, Partikel, Pollen, Rauche, Schadstoffe, Schimmelpilze, Tabakrauch, Tierhaare & Haare, Tonerstaub, Viren, Zigarettenrauch
no filtering of CO2
colour weiß
operation site Büro, Hotelzimmer, Keller, Kinderzimmer, Kosmetikstudio, Loft / offenes Treppenhaus / Gallerie, Nagelstudio, Praxis / Klinik, Raucherzimmer, Restaurant, Schlafzimmer, Wartezimmer, Wohnung
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