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Compostella 1for4 maxi bags,

Compostella bags are versatile paper bags natural ✔ wet strength & heat resistant up to 220°C ✔ BPA & plastic free butter bags large ▻ buy.

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Product information
Natural and compostable

Protect nature and the environment with Compostella 1 in 4 paper bags by doing without aluminium foil and plastic bags. Completely free of recycled paper and made of pure cellulose, Compostella bags are a contribution to environmental protection in the household. For many purposes, the wet-strength and greaseproof sandwich bags are large enough at 20 x 7 x 35 cm and are suitable for storing food. Use the stable paper bags for food several times and put them after use on the compost in the garden or in the compost bin. Complete rotting of the natural material is completed within approx. 14 days.

Advantages of Compostella Maxi paper bags Natur

  • Unbleached from pure cellulose
  • Without recycled paper
  • Food safe, compostable
  • BPA-free, plastic-free, without silicone
  • greaseproof, wet strength, vegan
  • Taste and odour neutral
Compostella bags with added value

On the one hand you protect nature and the environment with the paper bags, on the other hand the food safe bags offer you many advantages in everyday life. Store sausage, cheese, pastries and bread in the odourless and tasteless paper bags for food. Compostella bags are breathable and greaseproof, which makes mouldy food almost impossible. As they are heat resistant up to 220°C, Compostella Maxi bags are suitable for baking or heating food in the oven. Take advantage of the many benefits of Nature paper bags, which have already been awarded the Federal EcoDesign Prize 2018.

In the PureNature Online Shop you get more environmentally conscious Compostella products , which are produced sustainably in a small German paper mill.

Country of origin
  • Manufactured in GERMANY
    Manufactured in
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